‘Girls who lift’.

For men who grunt.

A glistening, bare-midriffed, bottom-absorbed promo for Flyefit gyms Ireland.

Clare Connolly writes:

I don’t work for any gym. I train in gyms. And this is a new, pretty abhorrent trend  In the light of the Protein World Beach Body campaign, and the increased intolerance amongst women of the idealised female body,  I posted the below reply about their [Flyefit’s] call for equality earlier. They didn’t like my comment though, so they deleted it. Why? I do not know.

‘We await their lycred ballsack slomos of oiled up guys.
Because that’s what lifting is all about, right?’

Update: Clean And No Jerks


proxyToday’s Belfast Telegraph

“No wonder so few women enter politics if one of our major newspapers insists on treating these talented, articulate women as if they were competing for the Rose of Tralee, rather than parliament….”

Siobhan Fenton.

Rating female politicians’ appearance is demeaning sexism from Belfast Telegraph (Slugger O’Toole)

56 thoughts on “Lifting Women

  1. Caroline

    Not enough oil in the world for the name Fionnuala.

    (Don’t tell her I said that though, obviously.)

  2. Clampers Outside!

    It’s a gym, it’s weights, it’s all about the body.

    If it were men, there’d be nothing said, so why should it be offensive because there’s women in it? Is it because they are good looking, fit, healthy women and not ‘ordinary’ you see on the street types? ….it’s a gym promo ffs

  3. Vote Rep #1

    Is the #girlsthatlift not 100% aimed at women? Who lift? Its a gym, what exactly do you expect?

    1. Vote Rep #1

      I should say, you do have a point about a lads video but they don’t need to make a video to get lads in to do weights. The weights section of a gym is generally already full of beefed up lads admiring themselves in the mirror.

    2. Clare

      I would imagine that #girlswholift would be aimed at girls? #womenwholift would be for the women who lift, no?

  4. Clare

    I don’t really think it’s ‘pretty abhorrent’ tbh. Excuse the dramatics to draw a debate out. Lifting women look great. I just think it’s a cheap shot from a gym. And when I called the gym out on Facebook (when they were posting about equality) and requested a male equivilent of this video, my request was swiftly deleted. As were other posts in relation to this video and their views on the Protein World campaign. My point is that the overly sexualised trend for women that’s overtaking the ‘fitness’ world and so readily accepted as the norm now, is tiresome to say the least.

    1. Caroline

      At the very least, have the decency to make their bum-sniffing lycra fetish c*ck tickler and call it what it is, rather than trying to sell it back to us as equality or ’empowerment’. I mean we may be sexy but we’re not stupid.

    2. Joe the Lion

      I’m struggling to follow your argument.

      If ‘overly sexualised trend for women’ = bad then why did you request a similar video showing men?

      I didn’t watch it all as I found it a bit silly but I was also thinking the women featured look great.

      1. Jane

        Well that’s the important thing really, isn’t it, what The Women looked like. I wonder whether that’s why they used women in their feature and didn’t bother making one about men?

        1. Joe the Lion

          Of course it is – they’re selling a fitness club – they’re hardly going to use unfit-looking people in a promotional video for that sort of business are they?

          1. Jane

            No, of course they’re not. But the fact that only one sex was featured to look good is interesting. The fact that you don’t even see that because The Women looked good is also interesting.

          2. Joe the Lion

            Of course I see it –

            I merely asked the OP why if, that framing is wrong, she asked for a male version.

            Genuinely confused.

      2. Clare

        Because the gym was posting about equality. The female video is made. A similar hyper sexual blokey version would strike that equality balance that they care so much about.

        1. Joe the Lion

          Would it?

          It would appear to me to be equally sexist (according to your characterisation) if there was only one gender featuring. Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. The Insight

      I’d be more concerned about “the increased tolerance amongst women of the oversized female body”. Along with the attempts to justify it using phrases like “I’m a real woman”, “I’m proud of how I look”, etc etc.

      This is an ad for a gym. If you go to the gym and eat healthily you can look more like these women, but more importantly, live a healthier life.

      There is nothing appealing about a plus size women with little self control and less self awareness.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        I always find it amusing that it is always women that these barbs are aimed at while men as more likely to be overweight beyond their 20s. There is nothing appealing about fat lads with little self control and at lot less self awareness complaining about over-weight ladies..

        1. The Insight

          It was only “aimed” at women as they are the subject of this video. However, my argument does indeed equally apply to plus sized men.

          Now, where did I put my chisel, my abs could do with some work.

        2. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          Plenty of barbs have been aimed at James Reilly and Pat Rabbitte over their weight on this site alone. BS being an equal opportunities insulter, so has Mary Harney. It makes my bosom swell with pride before realizing that I’m a bit of a fat f*ck myself and it wouldn’t hurt to actually go to the gym instead of just planning on going.

          Starting on Monday. If it’s not raining.

      2. Clare

        Agreed about the acceptance of oversized being dangerous. And it gets tolerated too. I guess acceptance of women being overly sexualised as the norm or the default for sales is my gripe on this one. It’s so normalised now that we barely blink. The London protest was interesting. I think women are maybe getting a bit sick of the way we are targeted. I must be too. Because this video annoyed me!

      3. Jane

        Yeah, what people whom you don’t know and who don’t really want to know you look like is a very pressing issue alright. And they try to justify themselves! For shame!

      4. Clampers Outside!

        Ashley Graham has a healthy BMI of 25.
        Just pointing that out.

        *pokes tongue back into mouth with index finger… pats forehead with napkin*

        Phew… just mentioning her name, makes me all warm :)

        1. Mrtits

          That’s nice. And tell us this. Will you be having a little winky-wanky-woo on the strength of that or is the deed already done?

  5. Paul

    Hey everybody, from now on, everything must have both a male and female version, because Clare said so.

    1. Clare

      Nice one. Thanks Paul! Although I’d happily live without the male version too! It was the gym talking about equality, not me.

  6. Skeptik

    You won’t find any of them drying their neither regions with the hair dryer!
    Sadly, I witnessed this again only this week in the men’s in the aforementioned gym.
    What is wrong with these people?

  7. eleanor

    While I would be all for anything that encourages women to get into lifting this video is outside the realms of any typical lifting gym or regular gym. I have never witnessed any woman, even on the hottest day in of the summer dressed as they are in this video. it seems to me that the ratio images of strong women vs the images of cleavage and bum close ups is balanced in favour of the close ups.
    Yes these women look great however weight lifting is not a pretty sport and it mostly made up sweat, grunts of physical exertion and a mixture of relief and elation. I would much rather see that in a motivational video to join a gym both as a woman and as a someone who happens to lift weights for fun!

    1. Caroline

      Lots of things about women and aimed at women, some of which are even created by women, are sexist.

  8. Clare

    So, after they protested to me that they had received positive feedback about the video and welcomed all points of view, they have now (in addition to deleting my comments on FB about their video and their own post claiming the Protein World protests were “fit shaming”) disabled comments on the “girls” video on YouTube. Funny that.. because the ONLY comments on the YouTube page were negative. :)

    1. Joe the Lion

      I’m sure all those negative comments complained about there being no male version of the video – you sexist pig ;)

  9. scundered

    I would assume they already have plenty of guys in weights area, and this is merely tapping into the female market which is picking up.

    I find it hard to believe anyone could complain about an advert doing its job well, do you also complain about special K adverts, or how about skin care ads? Or are we maybe just a little jealous of fit people who have obviously worked hard? In this case the product makes you fit so that’s fine.

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