18 thoughts on “Tear Down This Wall

    1. TheDude

      Very ironic and apropos location for CBI. It should be covered in molten copper and kept as a national monument. as a reminder to all and to prevent it happening again, oh wait….

  1. Wayne.F

    Purchased by the Central bank target date of 2018 for it to be new HQ so probably starting work

  2. DominoDub

    I wonder what damage has been done having the buildings internal structure exposed to the elements over the last few years .

    Does anyone know if they are finishing the existing part build or knocking down and starting again ?

    1. DoM

      Should be fine – concrete can weather quite happily for a good long while. Might be minor issues with other materials, depending on what was exposed, but I’d imagine there would be no major issues to fix.

    2. Atticus

      They are re-using the existing.

      Might be issues due to the location (close to the sea, therefore salt erosion), and we’ve had some pretty harsh winters during the time it was left idle, but you would imagine, or hope, that all the correct checks have been done.

  3. edalicious

    I think it should be left as it is, as a monument to how badly things went wrong and why we shouldn’t let it happen again. Stick some plants and stuff on it, maybe have a waterfall running down one side. Job done.

    1. ex pat

      A pretty grim monument to live or work next to; a half built block house in its front courtyard might however remind regulators of the dangers bad lending.

  4. pissedasanewt

    Id say yer man in the white hat is ringing in the order to Patrick Guilbaud’s for 3 breakfast roll specials..

  5. pedeyw

    I can understand the odea of wanting to keep it as a monument to stupidity and recklessness but I lived nearby there for a year, I could see that building from my bedroom window. It didn’t make East Wall any more pleasant to live. Glad it’s being used.

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