The Launch of Fianna Fáil’s Yes Campaign at the Dean Hotel, Dublin with (above) a personal message from former minister Pat Carey.

Top from left: Emma Murphy, Margaret Gill, Micháel Martin, Averil Power and Pat Carey.

Thanks Martin Flanagan

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



This afternoon

People Before Profit Alliance’s Yes Campaign launch  in Buswells Hotel, Dublin.

From left: Barry Martin, Adrienne Wallace, Richard Boyd Barrett and Ailbhe Smyth.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


90378602This afternoon

The Yes Equality ‘Marriage Matters’ launch in Hatch Street, Dublin

From left: Grainne Healy, Mark Kelly and Brian Sheehan

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

38 thoughts on “We Can Yes

  1. Scaredtogopublic

    I was actually at the FF launch this morning, wore me YES badge and everything.

    Still voting NO, but. It’s not worth the hassle to admit it in public, but have you SEEN the way this crowd are carrying on? Heard about some YES head eating the face off some woman on the doors this week because she said she was voting NO because of her religion. A bigot, this lad called her, in front of her neighbours.

    Fupp ’em. If this thing goes down I’ll be at the RDS expressing sympathy to my fellow Yes campaigners and singing songs of joy in my heart.

        1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          Actually, it’s pure FF really. “What’s most popular? Ah, pretend to support that”, but when it comes to the crunch, vote the opposite way.

          1. Odis

            Now that the “Yes” campaign, have these lads, on their side, what can go wrong?

      1. Caroline

        Fight hate with surprise snogs, it’s the only way. It’s punishable by law but it’s the only way.

        1. Zarathustra

          There’s a thought worth pursuing; I’ll put my money where my mouth is [or so to speak], and get started tomorrow – fine things, look out!

          1. Zarathustra

            Well, cub, if you’re a fine thing we can go public together – I’ll have your back… ;) ;) *nudge – nudge*

    1. Dubloony

      Really? ‘Cos all the campaigners are told to be polite & back off if there’s an adamant no.
      Some people are old school though and extreme in their views.
      To a newbie campaigner, might have been a bit much to take.

      1. bisted

        …ooops….shouldn’t really be saying ‘eat your heart out’ to Iona members…bit insensitive…if not sub judice..

  2. joe smith

    The first photo of FF is arguably the most desperate photo of members of a dying party in the history of modern politics. FF are now so desperate that they’d publicly throw Pat Carey under a bus if there was a sudden culture shift and everyone turned against gays. I’m reminded of the time when Micheal Martin was commenting on what the Chinese thought of the Irish, when he said: “They said to me, ‘You Iwish, vewwy good a sofware, vewwy good a sofware…'”. I’m also reminded of the day irony died when Bertie appointed Liam Lawlor as head of the ethics committee. FF, like FG/Labour, parties who would sell their grannies if it would make them popular.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      A motion to oppose any legislation to repeal the 8th amendment was passed, apparently under dodgy circumstances at their Ard Fheis. Is that what you’re thinking of?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They’re like long-lost cousins who found out where you live and arrive for dinner.

  3. Ride This Pony

    Now I know this is a little off point, but that red dress seriously clashed with the poster, and your one with the red hair and green jacket. Does she not know red and green should never be seen.

    RideMe After you vote Yes!

  4. joe smith

    What next? FF might trek around Dublin with Pat Carey dressed as Cinderella in a pumpkin carriage being pulled by Bertie, Cowen and Willie O’Dea dressed as the Ugly Sisters pulling it. Micheal Martin will be on top of the carriage dressed in Kung Fu attaire with a megaphone in his hands shouting: “We in fee a fah think gays a vewwy vewwy goo.” These traitor goons are so desperate they will do anything to gain popularity.

  5. Ppads

    Once again I say, this is a single issue and all support is welcome. I do not believe for one minute that either the FF or FG elders support anything other than votes but that’s not the point. Even a reluctant presence will change some minds… and hearts.

  6. Rugbyfan

    I am generally worried that a lot of people are saying YES but as soon as they are in the booth will go the other way.
    Hopefully I am wrong. This is a big opportunity, in a host of many, to take this country out of De Valera’s version and into a modern one!

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