While You Are Sleeping


Infograph on Rough Sleeping April 2015

Brian Gallwey at Dublin City Council’s Homeless Executive writes:

Thank you to all who took part in the Spring 2015 Rough Sleeping Count across the Dublin Region. The success of each count is reliant on volunteers helping out on the night.
The Spring 2015 Rough Sleeping Count identified a minimum of 105 persons sleeping rough across the Dublin region on the night of April 14 into the morning of April 15 The next count is scheduled to take place in early November 2015 [Details at link below]….

HomelessDublin (Facebook)

Thanks John Gallen

21 thoughts on “While You Are Sleeping

  1. Jonotti

    Who cares. I’m sick of the constant guilt pushing as I’d this is somehow societies fault.

  2. Le Petit Mort

    Sorry if that came across as facetious.
    I’m as guilty as the next person of relegating Homelessness to 2nd place.
    -It’s too easy to walk by, just like everyone else does.

    Imagine if it was your brother, your sister, your uncle, your grandfather…

    Imagine if it was YOU.

  3. scottser

    Welcome back lad, your pithy musings have been absent for too long. Shame your taxes have to pay for shelter and housing for the hoi polloi but they make such a gooey mess when they die on the streets, so it’s the lesser of two evils i’m afraid. I’m sure the homeless would apologise for the inconvenience if they could..

  4. Le Petit Mort

    @ janotti

    You’re right, there’s plenty of scum on the streets.
    You’re one of the most vocal*.

    *That’s a misnomer. You wouldn’t say a word outside of your perceived ‘anonymity’, would you?.

    TLDR: You need to grow up. If I was one of your parents you’d be homeless in a blink. I’d find a better use for that attic/basement.

  5. Le Petit Mort

    @ Joe the lying and everyone else I disagree with:

    -There was a significant delay between me posting my comments and my comments being displayed on Blueshite, Brandsheet, Blowjob.ie, or whatever it’s called..
    It betrayed my context, and subsequently I shall never use those/these pseudonyms again.
    My Chicken Kebab & Chips just arrived, and you aren’t as important.
    I’ll be back to ramble on and upset you when I’m ready, no sooner.

  6. Le Petit Mort

    New developments;
    I’m not entirely happy with my chicken-kebab.
    -First things first ‘n’ all that.

    I’ll get back to you lot when nothing else matters.

  7. Le Petit Mort

    I’m not entirely chicken with my happy kebab.

    Vote again if you can. This is Oireland…you won’t be alone if you vote multiple times in multiple constituencies. -Sure isn’t that how we…eh…Isn’t that how we…eh…

    I’m not suggesting anything. I don’t care how you vote, whether it’s progressively or based on Iron-Aged philosophy. That’s up to you..
    It doesn’t affect me, just like it doesn’t and can’t ever effect you.

    Don’t be a prick.

  8. Le Petit Mort

    Hang on…I’m a bit intoxicated.
    -I only become invigorated when I find an argument I cannot lose, and it appears that I’ve conflated two of them together, to the detriment of both.

    Let me clarify;
    -If you think that there’s ANY justification to discriminate against someone based on their sexuality….
    -It you think [REDACTED] is benevolent in any way, to anybody but his fat-bellied self…

    -Trust me, YOU are the problem. You, and the idiots who think like you do.

  9. Le Petit Mort


    Did you know you can change the link in your name dynamically?
    -Practiced properly you can make two statements with one comment.

    It’s a futile but self-satisfying exercise, until you tell people, and then…


    You peeple…

  10. Le Petit Mort

    ‘If I thought it would be better…’

    Mi am de Wan Hot Steppa’.
    -Neva eva forgetta.

    Mi too cool, ‘n’ y’know dat.

    It no matta, ‘cos mi neva cum back.

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