11 thoughts on “Needs Fewer Hands

  1. James

    Lovely couple. I don’t think your pictures are that great tbh.

    Also, their ties (blue and pink) just remind me of Mothers and Fathers thing , and the vows book just look like NO side leaflet … that’s what NO side posters did to me…

  2. Rob

    Great little industry this referendum has stoked up, what will we do when it is all over? Next cause celeb??

  3. rotide

    Nice sentiment but come on, whats this guff about trying to “rebalance the reliance on stock imagery in media coverage” of the marriage referendum. Don’t be ridiculous. News outlets aren’t going to spend unnesarry money clearing your images when they can use cheap stock footage to acheive the same thing.

    Face it. It’s a video advertising a photographer available for gay weddings once they’re legal.

    1. Ronan

      What that’s supposed to say is “rebalance the reliance on *impersonal* stock imagery” which is what the description of the video on YouTube and Facebook says. My gripe is not the stock photos. It’s that they are faceless, literally. It’s not hard to find stock photographs of same sex couples that are not just photos of their hands.

      Sorry that you didn’t get that that’s the whole point.

      As for questioning my motives, I’m sorry you think that it’s a cynical marketing exercise. It really isn’t. And I didn’t ask broadsheet to link to my site btw. But I am sure I can’t convince you of that.

  4. Jimmy IN & Out

    Those pictures bring it home to me how disgusting it all is… I’m moving from undecided to no.

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