A Limerick A Day



Archbishop Eamon Martin (right) and Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy

The Church say that if their side lose,
On equality they might refuse,
To join man and wife,
In wedlock for life,
It sounds like they have blown a fuse.

John Moynes

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

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23 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Sam

      It’s a sneaky tactic.
      While some younger people aren’t so set on the whole church wedding, this might panic some of the older folk into thinking of ‘protecting’ their unmarried offspring e.g. ‘My Maura won’t have her big day out in the church if them gays ruin marriage for us all’. or worse, people who won’t give up even the smallest convenience, in order to make thing fairer for all – the “why should I have to go from the church, to the town hall instead of straight onto the photos, drinking and eating – one ceremony, job done, not going out of my way just for a few gays”. There are still people who think and talk like that in our little country.

      A bit of reasoning would show it to be a bluff, the church would never voluntarily let the country move to a situation similar to France where the civil part of the marriage is conducted separately.

      I think it’s a sign that they know their other tactics haven’t worked. Smacks of desperation of a weakened, (and mostly weekend) institution.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Yeah but, it won’t. They say they won’t carry out the ‘civil’ part of the marriage, signing of the buke and what not. Everything else goes ahead. It’s a tiny part that has nothing to do with the church in the first place.
        It’s a cynical, self-preserving selfish thing for the church to call… nothing ‘Christian’ about it.

  1. Sam

    Concerned that their privileged scam,
    Can’t bully or scare us to damn
    The dogma police
    Have threatened to cease
    civil vows (see the toys leave the pram!)

    The usual bullying sh*te
    When trying to dictate what is right
    They’ve had it their way
    For too many a day
    Now, trying to instill a fresh fright.

    So, let’s see will the youth of today
    Be deterred by this farcical bray
    If a couple must sign
    (on the double) then dine
    Will their folks blame it all on the gays?

    At worst, we’d be copying France
    So, a slight delay to the first dance!
    The church can go swivel
    for all of its dribble.
    It would never back up such a stance.

      1. Sam

        Thanks for the compliment, but to be fair, Mr. Moynes has to summarise the story in his Limerick, where as mine comments on it, which is easier to do.

  2. Parky Mark

    It’s as if a man and a woman have no choice other that to get married in a church.

  3. Sinabhfuil

    Each priest and each bishop can caw
    Though he’ll make himself sound like a daw
    But love of all forms
    Fits society’s norms
    So come on, and let’s #MakeGráTheLaw

  4. Jane

    These fellas are determined to hasten their own demise by any means necessary. What a petulant, ill thought out own goal.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      I would really like to see if they go through with what is essentially a threat all the same.

  5. Joe the Lion

    Bishops can all go an fupp
    themselves and young boys, yup,
    if they think they can say
    if yous let in marriage gay
    the whole country will go belly up

  6. bisted

    …were the church to stop facilitating the civil solemnising of a marriage, it would represent one of the most significant steps in the separation of (catholic) church and State…sadly, this is just bluster and will never happen.

  7. Someone

    They’ll change their tune fast enough when someone tells them how much money they would lose because of this.

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