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Anon writes:

Am I right to understand An Post employees received a memo last week from their union instructing them to stop delivering Referendum Commission brochures, with immediate effect?
Apparently this is due to a dispute on how staff are paid commission on delivering such items. The impact being, anyone yet to receive their brochure may not get theirs before May 22. I hope I am wrong given the urgency of such literature in informing the electorate in a clear and balanced manner.


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  1. bertie blenkinsop

    Our postman hasn’t even delivered the Maastricht one yet, the lazy shite.

  2. Someone

    Why did their union instruct them to stop delivering the brochures?

    Aren’t those brochures supposed to be neutral?

  3. bisted

    …maybe Broadsheet could do a public service and post this leaflet….before 11pm please…I’m having difficulty sleeping lately….should do the trick.

  4. dhaughton99

    Got mine last week with other post. But neighbours who didn’t get post that day didn’t receive one. I was wondering how the postie remembers who got one and who didn’t.

  5. Atlas

    The trade union movement doing their best to alienate the ordinary, decent taxpayer yet again – and all to protect overpaid, taxpayer-funded “workers”. These racketeer organisations should be banned like any other price-fixing cartel would be.

    1. Tomboktu

      What is the evidence to support the claim that the unions have done anything wrong — indeed, done anything at all on the distribution of the Referendum Commission’s booklets? One Anon asks a question and hey, it must be fact.

    2. linbinius

      Workers in quotation is unnecessary.

      “should be banned like any other price-fixing cartel would be.” Who do you have in mind?

      1. manolo

        The availability of this guide online addresses the “urgency of such literature in informing the electorate in a clear and balanced manner” in the absence of the printed version due to post office screw ups.

  6. Seriously

    Haven’t received it in the post but I read the page and a half booklet online and I would not call it very enlightening.

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