23 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. Sarah Murphy

    It was a great place to take some YOKES and cool down on the rooftop terrace. Didn’t buy too many drinks inside there though.


      1. Sarah Murphy

        yokes were taken
        then I’d go up to that ‘oul rooftop terrace and cool down while sucking on a delicious cigarette
        maybe someone would get me a mineral with ice in the glass

        1. Avon Barksdale

          I’m pretty sure drugs are illegal. I trust you have since handed yourself into the garda?

        2. Mick Flavin

          “…sucking on a delicious cigarette…”
          Sarah, I wish you’d post more. You’re great gas.

  2. the good helen

    I only drank here once, and had some food, and it was a lovely atmosphere, always a sad thing when a business closes down, more so when a pub does! I’m sorry to hear the news, and well done for staying open to keep pre bookings happy.

  3. Selfie Sensation

    Good lord, how does a (popular?) pub in Dublin city centre cease trading? can’t be for lack of business surely? Some other legal or practical reason?

  4. Bacchus

    I used to drink there when it was Barney’s (ask your parents). Not common to have a locals pub on the banks of the Liffey in that part of town but that’s pretty much what it was. Lovely pub. Hardly ever a shooting.

  5. Tarfton Clax

    Dammit. I’ve planned to go there with a pile of Mates to see Negura Bunget there this Thursday. I hope the Venue does indeed stay open for this…. and that there will be drink served there….

  6. Jones

    Shame. Someone told me to go to the Inn on the Liffey now. Said they’re good for a shandy

  7. Greg

    Always crap to see a venue closing down, went a quite a few gigs there over the last few years. Though I’m finding the comments on FB a bit amusing. Some saying it had a great sound for gigs, were they talking about the same Pint I went to? One gig I went to (Tragedy) turned into a farce after the PA blew at least 10-15 times during their set.

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