Meanwhile, In Belfast



RTE reports:

“A man [a ‘senior Republican who was sought by the PSNI for the murder of Robert McCartney‘, according to sources of RTÉ Northern Ireland correspondent Tommy O’Gorman] has been shot dead in an attack in south Belfast. Police have sealed off a number of streets and what appears to be a body is lying covered by a sheet on a street.”

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland said officers were responding to an incident in the Markets area of the city.”

Man shot in Belfast (RTÉ)

Man shot dead in Belfast was former IRA figure – reports (RTÉ)

Former IRA commander shot dead in Belfast (The Guardian)

Pic: Jordan Moates

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  1. shitferbrains

    According to sources, sez Tommy O’Gorman, the victim is a senior republican who was questioned in the Robert McCartney murder.

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