35 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Political Anorak

  1. Jonotti

    Sunset House in summerhill is having a themed party. Dress up as a UK politician for free drinks.

      1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

        Yeah it’s the Cabra House now. Apparently The Chancery is on standby if there’s a recount.

      2. Owen

        Yep, saw that too. Cabra House has the event now. They have the bunting up already and they have a small sponsor deal with Pims for the bear garden. Sould be a belter.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop


      And The Sunset is particularly wonderful on days like today as you can smoke indoors.

  2. Optimus Grime

    I’m sure if you check with your local Sinn Fein office they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

  3. Malta

    Citation needed for Nigel deserving the nickname ‘No Micks’, please?

    As I understand it, UKIP policy is that Irish people in the UK would be allowed stay, even if all other immigrants were thrown out.

    1. Malta

      Not that that merits support for UKIP, I’m just curious if I’ve missed something.

      1. Fardays

        Yes, he has stated that Irish people would be exempt from their…emmm…exclusive immigration policy (perhaps, not least because Mark Reckless’ parents are Irish, and I don’t think that would go down well at home…).

        1. Muffy

          Probably because he doesn’t even believe Ireland is really a different country

    1. The Old Boy

      Christ, that’s the one that sells tins rather than pints, isn’t it? A strange, and strangely fun old spot.

  4. LiamZero

    That is a pretty obscure reference in the caption under the photos, and not the most elegantly applied, but I applaud it nonetheless.

  5. Joe835

    In fairness, UK elections are a lot less exciting in terms of duration and twists. They just count votes and the person with the most votes gets the seat, no messing. Or representation for minority parties, which is what we get in our labyrinthine PR-STV system. No transfers, no running mates, no surprises beyond the one Mr Cameron will get…

      1. The Old Boy

        The outcome probably won’t be decided on the night. There’ll be at least a week of frantic negotiations before anyone knows where they stand.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          I suspect those have already happened despite what is said publicly. Still, if we are very very lucky, we might even get a second election for Xmas!!

    1. Dubloony

      It does seem terribly dull from this side of the water. UKIP, SNP may cause a bit of a stir but other than that, the burning issues of the day have been turned into bland mush.

      1. Cohen Hand

        “That was the year of the Munich bother” and all that.

        It’s a hugely important election, not least because the SNP – which are glaringly absent from pictorial representation here – are going to end up the third largest party in Westminister.

  6. Eric Cartman

    I cant wait for the Tory UKIP coalition to sort out the spongers. Labour SNP will bankrupt britain in a week on the offchance it happens.

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