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  1. Mr. T.

    Whatever contract you were under with 02 still carries under 3 until you switch or renew. They CANNOT change the terms of your contract while it’s still in place. 02 stated that before the takeover by 3.

  2. Sheila

    And the three network has been more than unstable in the last six months… taking on new customers and the O2 customers.

    Last evening the mobile internet was woeful. Shocking. Gah.

    1. Nessy

      Indeed. Which means if you’re on a contract with 1, 7 or 17 months remaining (or 23 months) you can cancel your contract, keep your number and your phone, and port (move) your number to another network without incurring any penalties. Happened years ago when Meteor changed their Ts and Cs and with 02 as well around 2009/2010

      1. Brian

        Nessy – that is true.
        You do not have to switch Network either – but are free to do if you want.

        1. Mr. T.

          Said Brain, from across the call centre from Nessy as they panic in reaction to a negative post on Broadsheet.

          1. jeremy kyle

            Got in trouble at a certain company’s call centre for candidly explaining that to customers. Thankfully escaped the soul crushing life of the customer care agent.

      2. ahjayzis

        Won’t you have to fork out a few hundred squid for the handset if you’re leaving the contract early though?

      3. Mr. T.

        You keep your number regardless. Stop making it sound like a gift of 3.

        Wow all the 3 spin merchants are busy on here aren’t they.

      4. ScutterThePants

        Pretty sure the price changes are only applying to those who are on 30 day contracts, the sneaky hures! Therefore, all we can do is give 30 days notice to cancel our contracts and move to another network or change to pay as you go or just pay it.

  3. dhaughton99

    Reminds me of the last UPC price increase which coincided with the owner buying Tony O’s house for 28 mil.

    1. Paolo

      That UPC price increase was only intended to enable UPC to continue bringing excellent value entertainment to its customers. That’s what they told me anyway. I pointed out that the value to me would be improved if the price was lowered but they didn’t agree.

  4. phil

    Well to be fair , and I hate being fair to mobile operators , 3 gave us free LTE for 6 months , which actually turned into 12months for me , warning that the 5euro increase would come last Nov….

  5. Mr. T.

    I was told that if you cancel your contract with 3, you have to write a letter explaining your reasons and it has to be witnessed by a Peace Commissioner.

  6. grandthanks

    Got a message yesterday saying 3 pre-pay calls are going up 3c p/m and texts a ridiculous 2c.

    Texts are the closest thing there is to pure profit.

  7. jumper

    Has anyone got a contract of a contract they signed with 3 or o2. Surely you can decline the increase as the terms were changed after signing of the contract.

    1. Mr. T.

      You should be able to do that as a contract involves consent by all parties and changes cannot be forced by one party upon another.

      Saying you can cancel and move is not acceptable. They need to wear it until the contract term is up – just like the customer has to.

  8. Trouble

    If they change the contract terms you can exit the contract with no penalty and without paying back the phone subsidy. Got out before 2 months into a 18m O2 contract. Is it only rolling contracts this is happening with?

  9. Mobi

    I have it on good authority that when the Carphone Warehouse join the party they will be offering a very good ‘all you can eat’ deal that will take the place of the lower priced Three contracts. Will be an introductory offer in July I believe. Keep an eye out for it.

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