A New Dusk



Today’s Evening Standard

There you go now. Meanwhile…


Election 2015 live: Conservatives reach 323 seats for overall Commons majority (Guardian)

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22 thoughts on “A New Dusk

    1. Starina

      prob to expat Spain, where he’ll eat chips and drink pints with lots of other English types

      1. Jonotti

        It still is great news for Scotland. Westminster is utterly de-legitimized in every Scottish mind. Independence is now only a matter of time.

        1. Markus

          Nore people voted yes to independence than voted for the SNP. this is a flaw of the first past the post system.

    1. Paul Davis

      They will give them financial independence and let them raise their own tax.

      What will happen to the £8,000,000,000 annual bail out they give them anyones guess ;-D

      Most Scots have not a clue of the financial ramifications of independance.

      Back with the tail between their legs after 18 months.

  1. Jonotti

    Disgraceful that UKIP only won a single seat despite their high level of support. Some democracy.

    1. Corrina

      High level of support? They’d have more than one seat if that was true.
      Person with most votes wins. Simple!

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        He’s right. They were second in a lot of places which is slightly concerning. If the UK had PR they would have 82 MPs…….

        1. Atlas

          As much as FPTP is an affront to democracy, I’d rather it than the kippers winning 82 seats.

      2. Odis

        Third biggest party in terms of vote. From nowhere in five years. Next time they will be more focused and have their act together.

      3. Jonotti

        Simple Corrina!
        SNP get 4.9% of the vote and 56 seats
        UKIP get 12.6% and only 1 seat (so far)
        LibD 7.7% and 8 seats
        DUP 0.6% and 8 seats

      4. David

        ‘Person with most votes wins’.

        This is true.

        However, ‘party with most votes’

        is not.

    1. Cloud9

      And who was the decider in that leadership election? The unions.

      Turns out their self serving actions was a massive own goal for them and their members. Sometimes I wonder will they ever become politically savvy..

      Of course our lot totally different..(!)

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