29 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The M50

      1. italia'90

        I wasn’t sure at first, but I think you might be right there comrade Bertie,
        it does look like Larry Murphy…

    1. ReproBertie

      There was a big gathering of Russians celebrating VE day at the papal cross in the Phoenix Park yesterday.

  1. bisted

    ..the world owes the red army a great debt and makes the rise in fascism in Ukraine all the more sad..

    1. miko

      The world outside of ex USSR does. Not sure those in the ex soviet republics would agree that an Army that propped up Stalin who will roughly 50 million soviets should agree. Furthermore the real shame is the current Nationalist Socialist Kleptocracy regime in Russia seems to be going nowhere….

    2. Atlas

      The biggest far-right party losing 41 seats in the most recent parliamentary election (down to a total of 6 seats out 450) does not a “rise in fascism” make.

      1. declan

        It sure doesn’t but when the opposition is a “loyal” opposition, an opposition it doesn’t make

        1. bisted

          …when the democratically elected leader is ousted by thugs given a veneer of legitimacy by the west it’s a bit like deja vu…

  2. Andrew

    They are celebrating VE day. Russia sacrificed a lot of lives in the fight against the Nazis. In Ireland at the time we were cosying up to those self same Nazis. We were been led by a buffoon. It is an embarrassment, Ireland’s stance during WW2

    1. mauriac

      USSR immorally made an actual pact with the Nazis and stayed out of the war until double crossed.America stayed neutral until attacked aswell.Ireland like Spain,Portugal etc. had every right to remain neutral.In fact as an independent country Ireland would have been an outlier in unilaterally, scrappy doo style, declaring war on the third Reich . This tired canard is exhumed regularly by those in England who don’t forgive us for the sin of winning our independence and by the sad quislings in Ireland who wish we hadn’t bothered…

      1. Jade

        Also the Irish secretly fed information to Britain about German boat and plane sightings around the country.

          1. pedeyw

            Allied pilots who crashed here were allowed to return home. Axis pilots were interred. Now I understand there was a physical issue with returning luftwaffe pilots but I think in the grand scheme of things ireland was more or less on the allied side.

      2. Andrew

        You’ve been educated by Irish historians. Ireland’s pathetic stance remains just so.

        1. miko

          Your pathetic misunderstanding of Irish History is almost as pathetic as Churchills pathetic offer to return Northern Ireland in return for joining the war.

        2. Eliot Rosewater

          Surely that America and Soviet Union stayed neutral until actually attacked isn’t up for debate? Andrew, you have an agenda, and are one of those people who will never change their mind regardless of the facts.

          Ireland – had it been attacked – would have entered the war against whoever attacked it. Much the same as America and the USSR did.

          1. You People!

            Yes, and it would’ve all gone so well if those pesky kids who had an appetite for WORLD WAR weren’t already fighting for the Brits, eh?

    2. Supercrazyprices

      Andrew, is that you John Bruton? Or just another Fine Gaeler trying to get us into NATO and turn us into a militarized state.

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