50 thoughts on “Where The Bikes Have No Locks

  1. dave g k

    Ditto in Copenhagen. Makes you do a double-take when you see it for the first time.

  2. KirkenBrenner

    It’s obvious they don’t have the same knackball vermin issue that Dublin does.

  3. mucker

    Swedes lock their bikes all the time. A lot of them have that weird built in lock. They’d nick your bike given half the chance. Zlatan used to do it all the time in Malmo according to his book.

    1. manolo

      I lived in Stockholm and I had the front wheel of stolen on the first night after I bought the bike (the frame and back wheel were locked). It is a myth to suggest that Sweden is safe for bikes, but having said that, there is a real epidemic in Dublin at the moment and I wish something was done soon about it.

  4. JunkFace

    Ireland is a country of thieves and vandals, some things will never change. Sure the Government even gets caught stealing, that’s why they invented tribunals. So they can get off.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Vunerable like crabs molting in the spring. They still pinch.

  5. Odis

    Derrek Howard seems to like photographing ladies bikes, in Stockholm. What’s that all about?

    1. Der

      I think it stems from the unreasonable imposition of a cross-bar as an eight year old. Blame the parents.

      1. Buzz

        I mean, a bike that used to be mine before it was stolen. Enjoy it, a lovely bike, I miss it still.

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