De Wednesday Papers


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MORE to folly.

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Thanks Kevin Cramer (Irish Examiner); Enda Bolger (Irish Sun); Colm Heaney (Irish Mirror); Seamus Kiernan (Westmeath Topic); Patrick Conboy (Longford Leader) and Nick Sutton (UK papers)

10 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Der

    Accord will still receive 1.6 million in funding this year, a fair chunk for an agency that will only support Catholic, first time married, straight ppl

    1. Odis

      “Catholic, first time married, straight ppl – So? In case you haven’t noticed there’s a lot of those sort of couples in this country.
      Maybe if the government got round to doing something about the catholic control in the education and health systems, your remark would have some relevance.
      As it is, the article you a referring to, says the government is “cutting” funding, maybe they are putting them on notice,
      Are you suggesting people should be made redundant because their ethos doesn’t suit your own?

      1. Malta

        Are you suggesting that the Catholic church cannot afford to offer marriage guidance to it’s own members out of it’s own pocket?

      2. Der

        Are you suggesting that only catholics should receive financial support from the general population?

  2. Odis

    Guardian – Revealed: Secret war crimes dossier against Syrian Leader.
    Well that’s handy. Just when the Americans were trying to work out how to get rid of the evil Assad – what a stroke of good luck!

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