Dividing The Nation


JackGrealishJack Grealish

Yes, no or dunno?

“The idea has been put around that [Jack] Grealish and his father are keeping their options open to play for England. Well they are entitled to do that. If I had a young 19-year-old son, I’d be very keenly involved and anxious to protect him and make sure he makes the right decision.
I don’t think I can see [Grealish playing for Ireland] after this affair [Grealish was picked to face England and Scotland but following a discussion with Jack’s father Kevin, Mr Neill decided not to include him in the squad]. He is a promising, good young player. He played underage football for Ireland, he accepted the Young Player of the Year award recently at a ceremony in Dublin, but this won’t help matters. I feel sorry for the young player and I don’t think the way we have behaved has helped our cause.”

Eamon Dunphy

“F*** off you British c***” Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish subjected to vile Twitter abuse after Ireland snub (IrishMirror)

Eamon Dunphy: I feel sorry for Jack Grealish (RTÉ)

‘There Was No Way Jack Was Going To Accept’ – Grealish’s Father On Ireland Call-Up (Gary Reilly, Balls.ie)

40 thoughts on “Dividing The Nation

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Another Stephen Ireland. Wants the glory without any of the graft. Stop feeding his ego and leave him on the shelf.

    1. Brytothey

      He’s nothing like Stephen Ireland. If anything he’s a kinda James McClean (only he’ll actually be playing for the country that he was born in).

      We’ve robbed enough players from other countries, so don’t be so bitter when the shoe is on the other foot.

  2. John E. Bravo

    Couldn’t understand why O’Neill would try force Grealish’s hand now, given he said he wasn’t going to play international football until after the summer. Might be a touch of O’Neill protecting the players he has by drawing it to a head now, so it can be forgotten about sooner.

    I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t end up playing for Ireland though; looks like a good player; quick, clever and young – unlike many of the other players already there.

  3. Sheila

    Ah that’s what the Grealish fuss is about.

    People should be proud they have the privilege to play for their country.

    Oh well. I’ve gone off football, so don’t really mind either way.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      You should try to get back into it, the current Barca team are a joy to watch.

      1. scottser

        the biggest laugh i got last week was watching messi turn boateng inside out. it’s like his brain just stopped working and he falls over before messi scores a stunner. brilliant..

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Please… don’t intrude upon my private grief, I’m already a bit wobbly about Gerrard’s last home game on Saturday.

        1. Mikeyfex

          While Suarez, Neymar, and Messi are hoors for hanging back, sometimes Sheila, Iniesta leaves them no choice but to push on. ;-)

          1. John E. Bravo

            Like shy triplets and Iniesta as the overbearing playground parent, you have it one ‘fex.

        1. Bingo

          Should that matter for a lad that, if he fulfils 50% of his potential, will be a millionaire within 5 years?

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      He’s probably just wondering how the cast of Love / Hate are going to vote.

  4. Pablo

    O’Neill was wrong to try and call him up. Grealish previously stated that he wouldn’t make a decision until next year. He’s 19 and is happy to play for the u-21’s for the time being. It was idiotic opportunism by O’Neill. He only recently broke in to the first team at Villa so give the lad a chance.

    1. scottser

      o’neill was absolutely correct to bring him along in the hopes he’d declare for us, and he’s also right to play it softly-softly and put the lad under too much pressure. dunphy’s not doing much to attract grealish to the irish cause, is he?

        1. Pablo

          Why put him in this position though when he’s said that he’ll make a decision next year? Talk behind the scenes by all means but now the media is all over it and Grealish is under an unnecessary spotlight

          1. scottser

            i agree, and it’s probably how o’neill would prefer it without dunphy mouthing off everywhere about it.

  5. Continuity Jay-Z

    Many posts no mention of the father…..

    Kevin Grealish is the problem here. He if following the money. Jack plays for Ireland he is immediately less marketable. For some bizarre reason English footballers are considered a premium in the marketing space.

    Maybe it’s not so bizarre, large population strong cultural heritage etc…

  6. Tá Frilly Keane

    I’d love it
    If he declared for the Republic of Ireland

    And let’s be honest
    O’Neill and Keane will make a better International outta’him
    Than that Hodgins yoke

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