35 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Ultach

      Nah, the Faroesers speak their own language, fair fupps to them, proud wee island people they are an’ all.. I think the arrow is pointing at the Orkneys.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        Managed once by Brian Kerrial who also speaks his own language…
        “not a great gold really, he thrun it inta the net”

          1. Ultach

            “He thrun it” – gives me the happies does non-standard varieties of English. Loads of what is considered ignorant and uneducated goes right back to English forms as moulded by Scandinavians doing their best with Anglish, Saxonish and Jutish, much of which was already heavily flavoured by people who had only just thrown off or were still trying to throw off varieties of British Celtic, chopping and changing and swapping declensions and verb endings.

      2. Martin Heavy-Guy

        I’m pretty sure the arrow is resting above the Orkneys, on the paper. I expect David Cameron is to blame.

  1. SLFC Ultra


    Paul I presume the ‘C’ stands for Cool?

    1. Paul C

      No, just my last name. Having a name like Paul Cool would be unusual and somewhat peculiar. Nevertheless, I hope I’m still relevant in your eyes, SLFC Ultra.

  2. Mikeyfex

    Ahaha. Remember that article last week that was about the UK and the image didn’t show the Rep of Ireland, just GB and NI and they used it for a ‘was it for this’? Haha, that was funny. Not as funny as this, but funny.

        1. Ultach

          If it’s the rhyming slang yer at I’m afraid yev lost me. Straight over me four poster loaf.

          1. Joe the Lion

            I wasn’t asking ye

            Septic tank= yank

            Polothicks is one of our wild geese so he is

  3. Soupynorman

    Should be called the ‘British Isles Daily’.

    It would then be correct, geographically.

    1. Tony

      Correct. Also it’s not ‘Ireland’, it’s ‘Her Majesty’s Protestant Commonwealth of Eireann, Rockall and The Isle Of Dogs’

    2. Ultach

      Nope, not biting. Got me fingers in me lugs and me een shutted, see, singing “Lah lah lah!”

  4. Opa!

    If the referendum fails then its hiya Queenie and the commonwealth for me! It will be an unrivalled embarrassment for our apparently modern democracy.

      1. Ultach

        In Britain yes, in Northern Ireland no, but even in Britain there may be trouble ahead, see comments below.

    1. Ultach

      Have ye seen who David Cameron has appointed to his cabinet? Carol Dinenage, current equality minister who is against equal marriage, preceded by Nicky Morgan who had similar views. And don’t think of coming to our bit of the UK, which is jointly run by a party who though Jim Wells would make a good minister of health. And if you seek refuge in the outre-mer Commonwealth/former empire you’re likely to have bits cut off you or be executed if you dare admit even thinking about equal rights for our gay brothers and sisters. So hope the referendum goes the right way.

      1. Joe the Lion

        It can’t be any worse up there Ultach surely? At least a young person can afford to buy a house I’d say?

        1. Ultach

          They’re quite cheap in loyalist ghettos but God/Allah/Yahweh/your sportsman of choice look to you if you are openly gay, black, brown, look Asian or speak with different accent (East European, rural, southern etc.).

          1. Joe the Lion

            You’re not really selling it to me

            What are the more well heeled areas of County Down like? Around Banbridge and that?

  5. Neil

    Jaysus, outrage when the entire island is included in graphics like this, and outrage when the six counties of NI are shown with our the republic. Some people need to get a life.

    1. Ultach

      I know, the wailing and gnashing of teeth round our gaff was biblical. No, seriously Neil, it’s more pedantry than outrage I’m seeing (and expressing) on here. And as for a life and getting same, where would that leave Broadsheet if commentators stepped away from the keyboard and did something less sad instead? Which is what I’m gonna do now. Night night!

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