Batchelors Confirmed




Barney (left) and Beaney, retired, unmarried gentlemen spokesmen for Batchelors Baked Beans and Batchelors processed peas, come out for Yes in next week’s Marriage referendum.

Thanks Fergus O’Neil



You’re entering  a whole world of Yes.

Popular culture affirmations for the month that’s in it  compiled and soundtracked By Adrian Fitzsimon.

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44 thoughts on “Batchelors Confirmed

  1. Jonotti

    Will all these companies coming out for a yes vote support the living wage initiative? Am sick of companies profiting out of the LGBT civil rights issue. It’s utter hypocrisy.

      1. Jonotti

        My point is. They don’t care about LGBT rights. They’re just jumping onto the popularity wagon in the hope of increased sales. If the LGBT civil rights campaign was unpopular, Batchelors wouldn’t go near this campaign. It’s cynicism at its worst.

      2. donkey_kong

        i think they support equality (such a misnomer of a concept) in treating all staff equally badly

        1. John E. Bravo

          I feel particularly bad for the bean counters – they’ve their fingers on the pulse.

  2. YourNan

    they support the business that being seen as tolerant will bring them, no f*cks given about people

  3. Mr. T.

    Another business hopping on the Marriage referendum bandwagon.

    Cheap marketing stunt.

  4. spud1

    Very true.
    Why is no business supporting the reducing age of the presidential candidate vote?

      1. John E. Bravo

        F*p it, that’s twice I’ve done that this one thread. Sorry spud1. Vote No to John E. Bravo; I’m going home.

        1. spud1

          It’s bean a long week John E. Bravo!
          Best you do yourself a fava and do a runner!

  5. Jordofthejungle

    Isn’t Senator Ronan Mullen a “confirmed bachelor” also? Why he hasn’t been snapped up by a girl of impeccable morals, I just don’t know. Mammy Mullen a tad perplexed too…

  6. jeremy kyle

    M. Bison supporting a yes vote?

    I suppose his hot red nazi uniform and cape is a bit camp.

    Also what did Ryu say at his gay wedding?



      1. yrtnuocecnareviled

        In heinzsight it was a better joke than mine; “We’re all human beans, Vote Yes!”

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