16 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. scottser

    Why oh why do the tan papers use that manky filter on their photos? Its like watching telly with the colour turned up full. The poor queen looks like my mad auntie doris with that lipstick on her..

  2. Tá Frilly Keane

    Terrible stuff Georgia
    What will you do?

    Did you ask the Exposé Girls?

    1. Janet

      Ah now, keeping out the draft, cleaning windows, stuffing your wellies, lighting fires, crossword.. did I miss anything?

      1. Joe the Lion

        Yes – wrapping for fish and chips
        Emergency loo paper

        In fairness you had most of them

  3. formerly known as @ireland.com

    The FT photo of Sturgeon and Cameron does nothing for Sturgeon.

    I didn’t know U2 were touring, that fall has made the news all over, so now I do.

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