Make Hisstory



David writes:

Crunchie the blue tongued skink says “Never Mind The Bigots, Vote Yes!” Obey your lizard overlords.


Angharad writes:

Felix has an important message for everyone


Áine writes:

This is Bowie keeping an eye out for the postman with his polling card.

adrienne's pets

Reiltin writes:

My pair Oscar (left) and Charlie voting Yes!


Adrienne writes:

Oliver Lynch has two Mummies and he is definitely a paws for yes :-)

Fish, rodents, invertebrates and spirit animals welcome. Hedgehogs/turtles must be out of Winter hibernation with face showing. Thanks.


The best pet pic wins a month’s supply of natural dog food from Rupert & Frank, the Irish pet food company for domestic pet ‘foodies’.

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4 thoughts on “Make Hisstory

  1. tonyc

    Interesting that some people ( even crunchie the Skink) think that anyone voting no is a bigot or a homophobe. Small Minds

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