Was It For This?



Ah here.

Gerry Adams accused of increasing tensions ahead of historic meeting with Prince Charles in Ireland (Telegraph)

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      1. Jane

        Naturally. Sure how would they be royal if they weren’t better than all other humans? Personally, I think what the world needs is a kind of royal fight to the death to establish which are the best royals, the international creme de la creme of humans, if you will.

        Interesting at least.

        1. JimmytheHead

          I never pay for pay per view, but that I would get the frickin gold package!

          Wasnt Montbatten linked to a pedo ring on the Isle of Man too?

          1. Denis Murphy

            Did prince Charles apologise to Gerry adams for all the irish people that were murdered by the british??

          2. Ultach

            Gerry A reports that regret was expressed on both sides for “everything that happened since 1968”. If Gerry says it, must be true.

        2. Don Pidgeoni

          I would be into this Jane. Top idea. Don’t we all deserve to be ruled by the best? I think I do.

        3. Jack

          that’s what the first world war was about!…dismantling the elite of Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

      2. rotide

        Well hold on, Adams was actually Head of the IRA when the mountbatten thing happened. Charles wasn’t born when all the things you are talking about happened.

        Fair is fair.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Of course not. In that picture of him at that rally, he just happened to walk out of his house into the middle of an IRA gathering while dressed identically to all the other IRA members. Purely a coincidence.

        1. Ultach

          The Ballymurphy massacre in 1971? Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972? The Coalisland raid in 1992? Countless minor and major acts of harassment against innocent Irish citizens in the 70s, 80s and 90s? All carried out by the Parachute Regiment. The Colonel in Chief of which is one Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales. Born 1948.

    1. Ultach

      And his great uncle, and his second cousin twice removed, or something. In other news, Gerry Adams is being considered for an OBE for his contribution to the regularisation of confusing Royal DNA.

    2. Lordblessusandsaveus

      Are you mourning the death of his sexual abuser?

      And if you know Adams did it, then where’s the evidence.

      Join the peace process you fool.

    3. domani

      No he did not. He may or may not have had something to do with the murder of Charles’ godfather but not of his god father

  1. Ultach

    An Prionsa Séarlas doesn’t have a furry face. He’s a barefaced terrorist. Katie Hotpins should apologise to his Whyness!

      1. jeremy kyle

        She simply went with “bearded twat” in her other tweet.

        I’m sad to say I laughed.

  2. Starina

    what did you do to your HTML, Broadsheet? no title on this one and some odd font sizes going on…

  3. Grainneeadaoin

    For the love of God STOP Retweeting/reprinting/showing/reading ANYTHING that Katie Hopkins writes, ignore her – why the hell would anyone care enough about what she has to say for you to retweet it, even getting angry about what she says gives her power

    1. Kolmo

      +1 (I read this after I threw in my two cents)
      Does it help that I’ve no clue who Ms Hopkins is?

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      This. She is a brainless money-hungry fame-chasing boil on the festering wound of the a** of all that is sh**e in the UK and the sooner we ignore her and she fupps off the better.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          I love that that is basically her best claim to fame, that and being a total wagon on the Apprentice. Oh and shagging a man in a field after appaz calling the paparazzi to take pics of them. Life goals, she has em.

    3. neil

      My sentiments exactly, since when did any intelligent individual actually care what Katie (the clown) has to say, she has an opinion on everything, she says nothing of any value, and says it far to loud.

  4. Owen C

    So Gerry Adams, Prince Charles and Katie Hopkins are in a room together, and you have a gun with only two bullets in it…

    1. Caroline

      This is a very difficult one. I’d probably shoot Adams twice, then beat myself to death with the gun.

  5. Kolmo

    There are only 22 countries on the planet one of those men (or his antecedents) has not invaded and added them to their ‘Commonwealth’, mostly against their will and vampiring up the natural resources of the lucky region to have been subsumed into the royal fold.. – hint – it isn’t the Irish chap with the beard.

    1. Ultach

      To be fair, his lot did use quite a lot of Irish troops and Gaelic speaking Scottish soldiers to do their murdering and raping and pillaging and stealing and destroying and genociding and all in the Sudan and India and Australia and Canada and here etc. so, in a way, we are responsible.

    2. Ultach

      Nother point of information, Kolm, quite a few of the partitionistas on here would dispute the fact the Gerry Adams is an Irish chap, having poked out in 1947 in the north east bit that’s in the UK.

    3. rotide

      If you are including the sins of the father Kolmo, there’s a fair amount of church abuse you have to answer for.

      1. rotide

        Irish people have in the past abused children. you are an irish person. You are as guilty of that as Charles is of what the royals did in the past.

      1. Ultach

        I do like a bit of Battenberg. So do the seagulls. Might get meself down to Mullach Mór to see if any bits are still washing in on the tide.

        1. Tairts

          Isn’t that what his royal highness’ Chucka Battenburg & Prince Adams von Battenberg were just at? Scouting for gold from fillings, more royal rings and the like. Surely someone with some smarts could have saddled up a Shadow VI for the two royalists?

      1. Tairts

        More importantly, who invited them to the north because they’ve over stayed their welcomes. Poor manners for sure.

          1. Tairts

            I can see you’re agitated, chappy, but WTF are you trying to tell me? Use your big boy words without shouting, hmmm.

          1. Ultach

            OK. It’s my opinion, not a fact, that what you said is like a comment an Irish Republic version of UKIP would make: IRIP. Aimed at Denis, by the way, cos I agree with your opinion that Charles Windsor’s lot have overstayed their welcome in the north.

  6. Just sayin'

    I have no time for Gerry Adams, Prince Charles or Katie Hopkins – they’re all idiots in my eyes.
    I do understand Charles might still be upset that the IRA killed a father-figure.
    Pointing to the crimes of the British Empire (and they are many) is a cheap debating point akin to telling the Guard that caught you drunk driving that he should be off catching real criminals.

  7. Randy Ewing

    Sure the greatest revenge the Irish ever came up with for the British was Northern Ireland itself, it costs them billions to run a year and is full of racists and bigots.

    If there was a referendum this friday on a united ireland and people saw how much extra tax they’d have to pay to keep then nordies going it would be a resounding NO.

    1. Ultach

      Clontibret due a visit from Peter Robinson again. Might get it renamed as Clontibrit to keep the partitionistas happy.

    2. Owen

      Most would not have to see the cost. Who would want all the bigoted hate filled crap spilling south?

    3. St. John Smythe

      I thought our greatest revenge was the role 1000’s of Paddies played in littering the UK slipshop roads, office blocks and housing in the 60’s and 70’s? We showed ’em good!

  8. Martin Ryan

    IRA did a lot of cowardly things in our name .Kiling 2 octogenarians and 2 children is about as sick as you get.Anyone who shakes a Shinners hand needs to wash the blood off their hands

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’ll always have the Shinners and their whataboutery. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

      They’re well used to justifying the death and rape of children at this stage.

    2. Tairts

      Potato/potahto. I think it was a nice job but for the child. That was sad but Battenberg? Good job indeed.

  9. Catherine

    Do people want peace or conflict? Make the decision. If you want peace there is a price – ALWAYS. In this case the price is talking to and shaking the hands of terrorists and oppressors. There’s no way around it. The past has to be mourned (on rare occasions learned from) and then put in the past. The alternative is conflict and that comes at a much higher price – ask the people who have lost family and friends in any war of your choosing. The fact that representatives of the two sides in a 30 year war are willing to come together is something to be celebrated. Just a pity it didn’t happen 30 years ago.

    1. Al

      Spot on Catherine, imo anyone who has an issue with the two men meeting , talking and shaking hands is an idiot

    2. Tairts

      Living on your knees under brit laws is Ireland ? I’d rather fight. Be thankful the men & women of 1916 thought the same.

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