14 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Guardian?

  1. shanner

    i don’t really get it. Gerry Adams is a death merchant. right. And Charles has a skeleton’s arm… cos…. his dead great uncle?… is that it?
    don’t think that’s right.
    Someone explain it to me?

      1. Shanner

        Yes, honestly. I didn’t know why Prince Charles was grinning and holding a skeleton’s arm. It implies guilt maybe, like someone says below, because of the Royals’ position as head of the British military? Must be.
        Seems a bit off to imply an equality of guilt between the two of them in the context of your man’ great uncle being murdered?
        Maybe not, I dunno.

  2. PhilJo

    one is the titular head of the Parachute regiment and one of the mascots of a state that created the conditions for the IRA, the other’s a barman from Ballymurphy or something, there’s enough blame to go around…

    Thing is we’re moving on and putting the dark deeds of the past behind us as we aim for a better future.

    I’ve not much time for either of them but this is actually a significant event, the constant “What they did on their holidays” nonsense on the radio’s a bit much though

    1. Jane

      They had 3 – THREE – seperate (but equally boring) reports on 6 One last night. No real news, it seems.

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