Anything Good In The Guardian?




There’s this cartoon by Steve Bell.

Steve Bell on Prince Charles meeting Gerry Adams (The Guardian)

14 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Guardian?

  1. shanner

    i don’t really get it. Gerry Adams is a death merchant. right. And Charles has a skeleton’s arm… cos…. his dead great uncle?… is that it?
    don’t think that’s right.
    Someone explain it to me?

      1. Shanner

        Yes, honestly. I didn’t know why Prince Charles was grinning and holding a skeleton’s arm. It implies guilt maybe, like someone says below, because of the Royals’ position as head of the British military? Must be.
        Seems a bit off to imply an equality of guilt between the two of them in the context of your man’ great uncle being murdered?
        Maybe not, I dunno.

  2. PhilJo

    one is the titular head of the Parachute regiment and one of the mascots of a state that created the conditions for the IRA, the other’s a barman from Ballymurphy or something, there’s enough blame to go around…

    Thing is we’re moving on and putting the dark deeds of the past behind us as we aim for a better future.

    I’ve not much time for either of them but this is actually a significant event, the constant “What they did on their holidays” nonsense on the radio’s a bit much though

    1. Jane

      They had 3 – THREE – seperate (but equally boring) reports on 6 One last night. No real news, it seems.

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