19 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: I Am Voting No

    1. spud1

      Very true.
      Unfortunately, videos are blocked in work here, so I’ll be sure to now vote No and will spread the word.
      I’m glad someone is thinking of the children.

        1. sickofallthisbs

          I suppose being the child of a single parent meant you can’t pick up subtle humour?

  1. Sheila

    Very good.

    I friend of mine put a long post to his Facebook page with a few reasons as to why “it is wiser not to vote YES.” Fair enough, his prerogative, he would vote no But every time he used the word yes it was in all caps. It was so odd. And he’s not even going to be in the country to vote. Just one of the random things I’ve seen in the last few weeks.

        1. donkey_kong

          while I’m delighted to see people eager to vote
          I’m really saddened by the number of 30’s something registering to vote having never voted before.
          it’s kind of pathetic really that it took this referendum to get them interested in how their country is run.

          1. edalicious


            I know a fair few people who won’t vote normally because the country is in such a mess. It boggles the mind.

  2. nellyb

    The patience of them! Unbelievable.
    Folks, you’re getting all of my family votes and sorry if it might not work this time. But it will soon.
    I am wearing the rainbow t-shirt to work on Friday.

  3. Martin Heavy-Guy

    I hate to be the PC pedant here, because the video is superb, but “committing suicide” isn’t the term any-more.

    “Commit” implies a crime has been committed – that was the origin of the terminology. Suicide was committed when it was considered a crime. People kill themselves or die by suicide, which is no better, but I think the distinction is important.

    Interesting correlation though to the subject at hand though: “Committing a homosexual act” post-decriminalisation also doesn’t cut the mustard. But “Committing the entire Iona Institute to a lifetime of whining insignificance” is still perfectly acceptable.

  4. driggity

    suicide is NOT a criminal act. people don’t COMMIT suicide. people DIE by suicide.

    don’t the victims of suicide have enough to cope with without associating criminality with it too?

  5. Naimad

    “Commit” has another meaning aside from the one ordinarily associated with criminality, that being:

    “to pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy”

    I personally don’t think of the “criminal” definition when the term “commit suicide” is used, I immediately think of “being bound to a certain course of action”. However, this is all just serving to deflect from the issue at hand. Vote YES.

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