17 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder

  1. Leela2011

    removed a badly stuck sticker saying ‘lovely f*gs’ from outside Kevin St garda station. assumed it wasn’t trying to be funny…

      1. Leela2011

        wasn’t sure whether to take it as bigoted or ironic but hated seeing the word ‘f*g’

    1. Mikeyfex

      It’s a broadcast moratorium after 2pm today I believe. Not sure how that affects an tidirlinn – probably doesn’t.

    2. Bingo

      I can only say that word in a Joe Duffy accent.
      In the same way that I can only say ‘Pittodrie’ in a dreadful Scottish accent.

  2. TG

    Some 20 years ago, what was appealing about being gay was the idea of living a rebellious, alternative lifestyle and the secrecy and sense of being bohemian-like outsiders. Now, all of a sudden, with the inspiration of our gombeen Government leaders, the greedy corporate world and the talentless entertainment industry, gays now want mainstream marriage, respectability, children and PTA meetings. Meanwhile, the Catholic bishops and priests are preaching global warming from the pulpits. You couldn’t make it up. In just a few years, we’ve gone from a shining City on the Hill to a Ship of Fools.

    1. ahjayzis

      You just weren’t cool in the eighties unless you were thrown out by your family and/or murdered with impunity.

      1. Kieran NYC


        I hope some straight people wearing Yes badges got some idea of how uncomfortable it can be to be ‘seen’ to be possibly gay in public, even in 2015.

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