11 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. I.P. Freely

    The Torygraph can’t tell the difference between a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

  2. Eve

    Alright, call me paranoid – but are the Irish papers still running ‘won’t somebody think of the children’ headlines?! Albeit not SSM based.

  3. Tá Frilly Keane


    How d’ûck do you hide 743 files
    Then find then after 15 years..

    Were they redecorating?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Bernard: “I’ll just say, ‘The Minister has asked me to thank you for your letter’ and something like ‘The matter is under consideration’, or even ‘under active consideration’.”

      Hacker: “What’s the difference?”

      Bernard: “Well, ‘under consideration’ means we’ve lost the file, ‘under active consideration’ means we’re trying to find it.”

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