‘Is There Only One Boutique West Of The Shannon?’


royaldressTurquoise match: Constance Cassidy (left) and Bernie Butler (right)

‘Yeats’ writes:

Constance Cassidy of Lissadell and Bernie Butler (Chair of model Gallery) both had the same clothes on yesterday when they met Prince Charles. Is there only one boutique west of the Shannon?
In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markievicz: Two girls in silk kimonos, both Beautiful, one a gazelle. In Memory of Bernie Butler and Con Cassidy: Two matriarchs in the same clothes, both right under Prince Charles’ nose….


(DFA/Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “‘Is There Only One Boutique West Of The Shannon?’

    1. rotide

      Ah it’s nice to have the odd lifestyle item for Don and Anne to look at, you know how they love a bit of royal gossip and fashion!

  1. Jane

    I like that they took the same jacket and styled it up all different. Maybe it’s literally the same jacket and they went halves on it, swapped it somewhere or something.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Maybe one of them couldn’t get in or got thrown out for being too jarred and they swapped then to get her back in

  2. Beanonsan

    Charles is doing his best Alanis – ’cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket
    And the other one is giving the peace sign’

  3. St. John Smythe

    I agree that should always judge women based primarily on their clothes and beauty.

    1. Well that's that

      In fairness, it’s women themselves peer pressuring themselves into this style race (e.g. *any* Irish wedding). All judging all the time. Of course men aren’t completely innocent, objectifying and expectant.

      So, you’re criticising a judgemental system which women themselves have pushed?

        1. Well that's that

          I said expectant, because it’s always taken for granted that women, and particularly Irish women, will go to incredible lengths to “look right”. Everything has to perfect, new and just so. If a woman turns up not “on”, the whispering starts. It’s pretty sad but it’s the society we’ve generated for ourselves.

          So St. John Smythe’s comment that we should raise above the superficial and judge women by their content is great, but with women themselves peer pressuring this act thing will be incredibly slow to change.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Stupid women wanting to look nice. Why can’t they just be happy with being judged amirightladies?

  4. graven

    You wouldn’t be getting those outfits in any old boutique – Moschino Cheap & Chic, SS15, from BTs!

    1. Clo

      Holy Jaysus, £590 for the jacket (In Charlie’s money): they probably bought it on a timeshare deal…

  5. Dubh Linn

    FFS – Is this site now aping the Daily Fail too?

    Look WUMMEN in clothes…. It’s a story.

    Coming headlines:
    Pregnant woman takes a walk (how brave)
    How to wear high heels (a mans perspective)
    Woman still has pregnancy weight 5 DAYS after giving birth (the slovenly wench!)
    How to jazz up your slovenly minge ( for all you over 40s out there)

    All of these are real stories, not even making one of them up

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