Gory Revenge



Margaret Heffernan, Dunnes Stores CEO

Don”t make Margaret angry.

Too late.

It is understood store workers were told to turn up for work on Friday morning but that they would be doing so “behind closed doors”. Management were unable to provide them with details of what would happen from then on.
Betty Dillon, Mandate’s divisional organiser for the southeast, said the mood after the meeting was bleak.
There is absolutely huge upset. There are members of staff going around crying, terribly distraught, terribly upset,” she said.
“[They were told] it would close until further notice. I believe at this point in the evening notices have gone up on the doors to say this store is now closed.”

Dunnes Stores ‘shock’ decision to close Gorey store (Irish Times)

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(Photocall Ireland)

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22 thoughts on “Gory Revenge

  1. Wayne.F

    Dispute between Dunnes and the centre is apparently the cause according to the union! Nothin to do with the recent strikes

  2. Mani

    Glad to see Tom McGurk has taken inspiration from Bruce Jenner. Maybe now he and Hook can do something about all that pent up sexual tension.

    1. Joe cool

      Haven’t stepped foot near it since the strike and I won’t any time soon. . Disgusting company.

  3. Mr. T.

    They will make it look like the workers fault for going on strike but you can be damn sure there is another reason for the closure.

    It’s awful when a business owner shows utter contempt for the people who peddle their wares for them and make them rich.

    It’s a bad upbringing that creates someone like that.

  4. Maro

    Srsly, f**k Dunnes. Will never darken their door again. But that will probably mean more people will lose their jobs :(

    1. David

      Not necessarily. Or, should I say, it won’t be boycotters’ faults. All supermarkets are cutting staff by getting customers to do the till work. Next, they’ll find ways to dispense with floor staff.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    If the staff have been called in for today, they need to stay there and have a lock-in until they have their rights guaranteed and vindicated. Dunnes managment are a shower of scaldy barstewards with no morals.

  6. The Insight

    Now the unions and strikers can see what zero hour contracts really look like.

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