Meanwhile, In London



This morning.

Spotted in Kentish Town, North West London this morning.

Thanks Andy Malone




Jojo writes:

The most convincing argument spotted by my friend on a bus through Glasnevin [Dublin]…


O’Connell Street bridge, Dublin this morning.

Thanks bewildered Student



34 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In London

    1. John E. Bravo

      Are there any #nothometovotebutstillwouldlikeayespartysolidarity yokes happening in London tonight?

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Not sure, havent seen anything. Though any good Irish bar might. The one in Stoke Newington for example?

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Really, you need a gay Irish pub tomorrow to both celebrate the ref and watch Eurovision. Double whammy (hopefully)!!

          2. John E. Bravo

            I wouldn’t watch if we were in it I’m afraid. But sinking pints and getting emotional about gayness? I’d be up for that.

      2. donkey_kong

        eurovision and gay marriage in one sitting – my gaydar wouldn’t be able to compute.

  1. Mr. T.

    The cladding. The eagle on the gatepost. The fleur-du-lys tipped and dipped notions railings. The paved over front garden.

    We know the kind of people they THINK they are and the kind of people they REALLY are.

      1. BA BARACUS

        Notions indeed!! The railings and the eagle are sick, but it’s the cladding that kills me. Truly a vile home in which to live!

  2. Martin Heavy-Guy

    It’s an aesthetic choice in Glasnevin. If I had an eagle on my gate-pier I would also leave a big “NO” in the window all the time, just in case.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Oh, I do love a bit of faux brick cladding…. Inspiring, I feel a Madonna song coming on…

    Wanting, needing, cladding
    Will you campify my house
    Hoping, gaying
    Will you campify my house
    Enuff…. this country is too campified for a Friday morning, only two days from next Mass !

  4. Mick Flavin

    The intimidating bird of prey statue greeting those who dare cross the threshold, matched with the No sign and that cladding, suggests that this is the home of a Skeletor-level supervillain who has had to downsize.

  5. Caroline

    Don’t worry I’ll be up in Glasnevin later to sort this out. Smells like a Tolka Estate dweller to me.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      I was thinking the very same thing, looks like someone who’d drink in The Cremore.

      1. Jaden

        AFAIK they don’t drink, but if they did, it would be in the Auto – it being a GAA pub and all…..

  6. Jaden

    Pretty sure i know that house.The term “Staunchly Catholic” would understate the household.

  7. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Didn’t get a pic of it as I was driving, but I saw one NO sign this morning here in Waterford which read:


    It was written on the back of a Martin Cullen (FF) election poster.

  8. Jane

    Why has nobody mentioned the faux carriage lamps?

    Anyway, I’m impressed with how they’ve accessorised their NO sign with tasteful knicknacks. Brings a touch of Boyers to proceedings.

  9. Mysterymeat

    Canvassed that No house last night. Or rather attempted to. He was having none of it.

  10. nick kelly

    On that ‘No in the Window’ photo. Who has stone pigeons on their gate pillars? Eagles maybe, but pigeons?

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