The Shake Of Shame



Prince Charles clutches Gerry Adams (top).

What now for the ‘glory of the House of Windsor’?

Ulach writes

A refreshing alternative perspective of the recent royal visit. Seems reasonable.


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Via LAD (Facebook)

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28 thoughts on “The Shake Of Shame

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    Good old Uncle Fester.

    He’s dark at first – but he always comes good in the end.

  2. Rowsdower

    The biggest offence of this video is the lack of editing, do we really need to see Uncle Fester looking around confused for several seconds at the start of this video?

  3. jeremy kyle

    “We are heading for a very, very dark day – the light is almost out of Ulster”.

    He’s watching too much Game of Thrones I fear.

  4. Bacchus

    Those “loyalists” seem to have endless reserves of hatred. Nobody is left out.

      1. Joe the Lion

        and you draw the line at Britney Spears?

        More Britney! Less Spears ;)

        yer wan Gwen Stewart is showing a nice big of leg in all fairness

      2. rotide

        “Charles is a dirty trader” is a particular highlight.

        Be great to see HRH down on walford square selling pornos

        1. jeremy kyle

          Can’t get over the irony of a loyalist telling a member of the royal family to “F**k back to England”.

          1. Ultach

            That’s who the sick wee statelet was formed. Give us what we want or we’ll fupp the whole lot up. Worked for them.

      3. Ultach

        Some nice reasoned and measured views on there. If they ever think of becoming extremer they can always come over here to Broadsheet for a bit of shrieky shouty.

    1. Ultach

      I’ll get right on to the South Armagh department for a translation and subtitling quote. Their offices are right beside Dodgy Daysil Iz Uz, Boiyh!

  5. Digs

    I’d love to have to mine for a nice beef stroganoff . That’d bring smile to the wee mites face. Bless him.

  6. Jonotti

    Listening to this guy it’s not surprising that there was an IRA campaign in the 70s and 80s.

    1. Ultach

      Provoked as we were we didn’t all join up, but I get what you’re saying. They actually did point their rifles at us as we went to school, ostensibly just to use the telescopic sites to “observe” us. They never observed kids wearing state school uniforms strangely enough.

  7. Eamonn Clancy

    A UDR man. These boys had uniforms and guns, can you imagine the amount of Fenian jaws he and his chums cracked during the dark old days? They haven’t gone away you know…

    1. Ultach

      Nigh. Archaic English. Can be seen in the King James Bible, as in “The end is nigh”.

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