Inclusive Ice Cream




Starina writes:

as a lovely palate-cleanser after a week of hateful MFM [Mothers And Fathers Matter] ads – here’s the new prevideo trailer running on youtube this week; Magnum ice cream, featuring trans women and drag queens….

About time a bNOMNOMNOMNOM

16 thoughts on “Inclusive Ice Cream

    1. Well, that's that

      Willam, the Drag Queen in the first screen shot there, is my favourite. She’s hilarious on YouTube “willam belli” :)) And no, I didn’t misspell William twice

    1. Tony

      Fairly sure BS features many, many things that have ‘nothing to do with Ireland’ on a daily basis.

      Maybe you were thinking of Ireland’s Own?

  1. dhaughton99

    Nothing inclusive about it. Its just bull$hit marketing misappropriating a culture.

  2. Paolo

    Of course Trans women should be included but why drag queens? Do other performers feel that they are under-represented in advertising? Circus performers? Unicyclists? Pole dancers?

    1. Starina

      unicyclists, poledancets and other sundry circus types are not frequently murdered.

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