Here Come The Boyos


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This afternoon.

Well-fed bellies.

Meaty handshakes.

The faint tang of horseradish.

No bothersome women

Newly-elected Fianna Fáil TD Bobby Aylward surrounded by Party members outside Leinster House, Dublin.

Pic 2 from left: Bobby Aylward TD , John McGuinness TD, Barry Cowen TD and Ned O Sullivan.

And that concludes the case for Ms Power.

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A Limerick A Day

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

73 thoughts on “Here Come The Boyos

  1. Randy Ewing

    Fianna Fail should have put some of their women TD’s in that photo op.

    Oh Wait……………..

    1. realPolithicks

      Fianna fail, the party of inclusion….as longs as your an overweight, middle-aged white guy..

      1. delta V

        It was a Fine Gael TD a coupla years ago came bustling red faced from a vote to the plinth to tell de meeja “this is a victory for people who eat their dinner in the middle of the day!”
        Different @rse, same smell.

  2. DazzaMazza

    Seriously not a woman in sight.
    I cant wait until these clowns come canvassing.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      There is one Fianna Fáil woman who is ready, wiling and able to return to the Dáil: Mary Hanafin. And she has a lot more in common with these bucolic buckos than Averil Power…

      1. gallantman

        Will we ever forget Mary, teary eyed, listening to Bertie’s resignation speech.

      2. Randy Ewing

        Hanafin was very noticeable by her absence from all the Yes Equality events in here constituency, Kate Feeney on the other hand was at all of them.

        Both still support a shower of a party that should be wiped from the face of the planet

        1. Mikeyfex

          No, no, keep Fianna Fail, just don’t vote for them. We have to have somewhere to put them.

    1. rotide

      I actually can’t argue with that.

      Nice to know I have a fan anyway.

      Apart from Don like.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Cut ’em out, ride ’em in
          Ride ’em in, let ’em out
          Cut ’em out, ride ’em in

        2. rotide

          Pretty sure the pretender is Jonotti because of the prevalance of ‘Blueshirts’ being thrown around

  3. gallantman

    If there is a picture dictionary out there that needs one for ”Cute Hoors’

  4. Jordofthejungle

    Poor Michéal better watch his back. The O’Cuivites are in the ascendency and ready to install potato-head Michael MCGrath as their new chosen leader. There will be dancing at many a rural crossroad yet.

      1. scottser

        you have to think of FF as the irish hotel california – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..

  5. Nugget

    Pic 4 includes the brother of a former Taoiseach, brother of a former MEP and the son of one of the country’s longest serving county Councillors. That is the kind of bloodlines this country needs. They were born to serve.

    1. Del McG

      Picture 4 also shows our newest Fianna Fail TD with the hand out already. They grow up so fast these days…

  6. missred

    You’d never need to cast actors in the Charlie drama, these smug eejits could’ve played themselves way better. State of them

  7. Brian Hession

    They still don’t realise it, do they. They are done. Finished. Kaput. Like FG, Labour et al. We’ve moved on.

    1. Nugget

      but Carlow/Kilkenny has just elected one of them. You are looking at Ministers in the next Govt. in that photo.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      There’s still a real opportunity for someone to swoop in and revitalise that party, clear out all the corruption and cronyism like you would an old shed of spades, give it a facelift, win back trust, select and support candidates with actual qualifications, etc. etc. Trouble is, they still like cute hoorism and praise any master of it.

      1. scottser

        the only way you’d reform that party is with an ak-47 – it’s way too far gone.

    3. DT

      No we haven’t. FG, FF and Labour will between them have well over 50% of the seats after the next election. Primarily because people don’t have faith in the alternative. SF are populist – very difficult to know what they’ll actually do if in govt. While the independents are a relatively incoherent lot – many are very accomplished on an individual level, but it’s hard to see how they might cohere into a purposeful government.

      So, no, it’s very unlikely that we will move on.

    4. Cark

      Sadly that wont be the case.
      If they can secure 20 seats in the immediate aftermath of plunging the State into total bankruptcy, they wont drift any lower in the next GE.
      Sad, but true.

  8. Brian Hession

    We need to mobilise people to the streets to demand the vote for those who’ve been forced to emigrate. If they don’t concede, we eff them out, by force.

  9. ams

    I noticed they were doing a church gate collection at the weekend as well – how is that even allowed!

  10. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    There was a time, not too long ago, when FF wouldn’t have made such a PR gaff like this.

    But seeing as FG are setting the arrogance stakes now, it seems even slimey FF don’t worry about even the optics at this stage, nevermind the underlying attitude.

    1. scottser

      he’ll be more likely to be bent over the front bench and taking it up the hole from everyone else.

  11. Em-malicious

    I’ll just leave this here.

    Someone might as well read it as Me-hole Martin clearly has forgotten all about it already. All Spin and steak din-dins in FF. I really hope they merge with FG as a giant hi-5ing, photo-bombing, media-spinning, property portfolio-ing boyos club and stick to their golf outings.

    I’m glad, 24 hrs after an amazingly positive weekend of well earned national celebration, that Power-gate has given us a reminder that there’s still so much wrong with Irish politics and there are lots of battles left to fight, gender balancing being just one of them.

  12. nellyb

    Like crumbling Victorian redbrick – renters had left and no investors are interested. Only good for demolition.

  13. Ppads

    This is a joke surely. What was the reason for this photo call of abercrombie & fitch models?

  14. JunkFace

    Are you Fat? Corrupt? White? Got your job through GAA connections? Enjoy slapping backs? Stubbornly conservative? and definitely not in Fine Gael?

    …Then Fianna Fail is the party for you! Join today, and we’ll see if we get another chance to F*** up Ireland

    1. Sharon's Boyfriend

      @SlowJoe The Lion

      It’s a deflection tactic, so as when you search for FF you get this ‘most-recent’ nonsense rather than the pathetic ramblings of someone who jumped off the gravy train and said she was pushed, but she was really only getting off the train she shouldn’t have been on, on a safe platform, and at the best possible time.
      -So brave.

      But you have to ask…
      WHY was she EVER a member of that most despicable of parties?


      1. Sharon's Boyfriend

        Conscience. (noun)

        An accolade that Irish politicians attribute to themselves when they feel lonely. Made up of the two words ‘Con’ an Science’, as in ‘Twilight Zone’.

        Older readers will know what I mean.
        Extrapolate to your heart’s content.
        I’m just putting it out there.

  15. David

    Do people support these jokes out of some sort of irony?

    There again, that could apply to just about any Irish party.

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