8 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. ItsKieran NYC

    It’s lovely that the referendum result made the front pages of all the local papers this week too and in such a positive way :)

    1. Ted

      Ordained man on the Vatican payroll swanning around in his civvies speaking in an official capacity and publicly criticising Rome. What’s next? Abortions all round? Tranny lessons for 5 year-olds? Wombs-for-hire? Jesus never really walked the earth?

      It’s real life Fr Ted stuff.

      ABM was right about heretical priests needing to have their platforms kicked from underneath them, evicted onto the street and pensioned off. If he wants to go off and be an Eco Pied Piper, let him off and build his own church and the very best of luck with it. Might even make a few quid blessing gay unions while he’s at it. Plenty of churches up North going cheap:


      Even our Northern Protestant brethren can’t manage to fill them.

      1. Caroline

        What’s next? Sea Dragons. I’ve said it repeatedly to open mockery, but don’t pretend you haven’t been warned. It’s Sea Dragon o’clock and there’s not a thing any one of us can do.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Good on Lucinda. Protecting a bunch of cells in the womb and then advocating that they can get a clatter out of it.

    Bet she’d want them to be able to be hanged once they’re over 21 too.

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