Please Rewind Tapes


julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-02 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-03 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-05 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-06 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-07 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-08 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-10

Very convincing (and strangely nostalgic, if you’re sufficiently elderly) VHS mock-ups of recent TV and movie titles by Julien Knez.

Complete with authentic period details: 1980s typography, cheesy cover art, cracked and cloudy plastic covers…



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9 thoughts on “Please Rewind Tapes

  1. Desert Fox

    Everything works bar the Grand Budapest Hotel, that’s already all old timey so it actually doesn’t look surprising.

    Game of Thrones one is brilliant, properly sh*tty old school

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Very good.
    Though in my house, VHS films were regularly taped over with stuff from the telly so the case was all you had.

    1. St. John Smythe

      bit of tape stuck over, or ball of paper stuck in, the empty security tab?

  3. Bingo

    The GoT one reminds me of the huge, puffy plastic VHS cases.
    Glorious stuff.
    Now, how many wrestling tapes can we get for a fiver?

  4. Kieran NYC

    Those look more like the unnecessarily large video cases they had in America than the smaller ones we had in Ireland (and the UK).

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