[REDACTED]’s 1.25% Interest Rate



How little?

Catherine Murphy, Independent TD for Kildare North, dropped a series of revelations in the Dáil today concerning alleged preferential treatment given to Denis O’Brien by IBRC, formerly Anglo Irish Bank.

The claims emerged as Ms Murphy introduced a bill to permit the Comptroller and Auditor General to investigate the sale of Siteserv to Mr O’Brien and other IBRC transactions.

Grab a tay.

“This bill extends the functions and powers, or seeks to extend the functions and powers of the C & AG [Comptroller and Auditor General] to cover IBRC. It was the Taoiseach that first suggested that the C & AG review the Siteserv sale’s process and it was then pointed out to him that IBRC does not come within his remit.”

“With this Bill, I’m attempting to address that problem by broadening the remit of the C & AG. The reason I’m anticipating the need to involve the C & AG, if not a full Commission of Investigation, which may well be a better option, is because I believe the Government have got this badly wrong, not least because most of the key players in the Siteserv saga have links with KPMG and its eventual purchaser and vice versa, is a web of connections and conflicts, that requires outside eyes to unravel.

I have no doubt that the special liquidator [Kieran Wallace] is more than capable of doing such a review but his direct involvement in the sale process, and his relationship with the eventual purchaser of Siteserv, and his current actions in the High Court, in supporting Mr O’Brien versus RTE, place him in a position where there is, at the very least, a perceived conflict of interest, if not an actual conflict of interest.

The review is not confined to Siteserv but it is the transaction that prompted a review. I would worry about the transactions that have been excluded from the review, given that what we now know, that in the final months before prom night, the relationship between the department and IBRC had completely broken down.

“If deals were being done without the knowledge or input of the minister then we need to know what they were. We are now aware for example that the former CEO of IBRC made verbal agreements with Denis O’Brien to allow him to extend the terms of his already expired loans.

We also know that the verbal agreement was never escalated to the credit committee for approval. I’m led to believe, and I would welcome the minister clarifying, the rates applicable at this time, that the extension also attracted some extremely favourable interest terms.

I understand that Mr O’Brien was enjoying a rate of around 1.25%, when IBRC, and arguably, when IBRC could, and arguably should have been charging 7.5%. We are talking about outstanding sums here that are upwards of €500million. The interest rate applied is not an insignificant issue for the public interest.

We also know that Denis O’Brien felt confident enough, in his dealings with IBRC that he could write to Kieran Wallace, as the special liquidator and demand that the same favourable terms extended to him by way of a verbal agreement could be continued.

We now have Kieran Wallace, who’s been appointed by the Government to conduct a review into the IBRC review, actually joining with IBRC and Denis O’Brien in the High Court and seeking to injunct the information I’ve outlined from coming into the public domain – surely that alone represents a conflict.

In FOI documents released to me, the minister, his officials and the Central Bank and even the Troika acknowledge that IBRC, the former Anglo Irish Bank, is no ordinary bank and there’s a significant public interest because the bank had been fully nationalised and was in wind-down mode.

They all accept that this is the people’s money that we’re dealing with and that there can be no dispute regarding the public interest in this. The same FOI materials detail incidences where the minister can specifically intervene, and issue an ministerial order that material matters have significant interest. Included in these material matters are incidences that are outside the ordinary course of business.

I would argue that what I’ve outlined out here regarding verbal deals, extensions, etc, are outside the normal course of business and I would ask the minister to exercise his right to intervene in the current proceedings and defend the public interest.

“I’ve a motion on the order papers, signed by the majority of the Opposition – 45 members have signed it and more are welcome to – calling for a debate into the proposed review. When I tried to raise it on the order of business, I was silenced and I was told to take it up with my Whip. I am the Whip of the Technical Group and I did raise it at the weekly Whip’s meeting.

The Government Chief Whip told me that they would not be altering the KPMG review, the Government would not be giving time to debate this issue and suggested that we use Private Members’ time.

It’s not just an Opposition issue, minister. This is an issue for all in this house. It’s an issue of serious public concern where there is public money involved and I know, if you got your hands on maybe an extra €20 million, I don’t think you’d have to think too hard on how to spend that money. I urge the Government to reconsider this and give the Bill and the motion the time they deserve. I believe this is in the public interest. Thank you.”

There you go now.

1.25 per cent.

Yesterday: Deputy Murphy is Out of order

Scary update:

Solicitors acting for Denis O’Brien have asked us to remove this post asserting that it is a breach of a High Court Order [O’Brien Vs RTÉ]. They gave a 7pm [Thursday] deadline or they would begin injunction proceedings.

We have replied that article 15.12 of the constitution allows all Dáil statements “wherever published” to be privileged and we currently await their response.

Scarier update:

In response, Denis O’Brien’s legal representative said the High Court ruling “covers what could be reported about what was said in the Dáil by Catherine Murphy” and again put us ‘on notice’.

Unfortunately The judge in the case never revealed the terms of the injunction.

In a statement tonight Catherine Murphy said:

“I am a public representative. Information came to me, from a number of reliable sources, that is, without doubt, in the public interest. I have a duty to put that information into the public domain and I fully intend to fulfill my democratic mandate.”

Meanwhile, we will keep this post up until it is humanly impossible not to.

Save yourselves.

Pray for us.

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245 thoughts on “[REDACTED]’s 1.25% Interest Rate

  1. Joe the Lion

    outstanding parliamentary work by Ms Murphy

    she seems far more capable than the likes of Mick Wallace in fairness

    1. scottser

      she’s far more capable than pretty much anyone in government. absolutely fantastic work by murphy – she’s raising the bar for TDs on a weekly basis.

    2. Anomanomanom

      People can disagree with me, but she has done the best work of td currently sitting. Genuinely looking for answer for the good of weeding out corruption or favourable term for “friends”, not just for political points.

    3. Joss

      Great work alright. I don’t see the point in using her to talk down MW though. He’s been effective at times. Surely there are plenty of pointless sleeveens who have done far less over a longer timespan.

    4. conor mac nessa

      Well done to the Broadsheet.ie
      MORE of this please.
      Keep it lit :)
      Big respect

    5. Paolo

      Better than Murphy or any of the Shinners who are just showing up at photo opportunities.

      Hopefully DO’B gets his comeuppance.

    6. john keoghan

      if what catherine murphy put on the dail record is accurate the ceo of ibrc and dukes should be arrested and questioned by the fraud squad.

  2. rugbyfan

    Yeah but can she (illegally) scale a fence at an airport with the skill of Mick Wallace………. how is that man allowed be a TD?!

    Well done to her!

    1. scottser

      you don’t get to be ‘allowed’ to be a TD. you see, everyone has thing thing called a vote..

      1. Rob_G

        rugbyfan is right, in a sense: in order to be ‘allowed’ to run for office, you can’t be bankrupt, for example (something that Mick Wallace narrowly avoided).

        1. RidersOnThe Storm

          Get up outta that – it was largely due to the exhaustive uphill battles that Mick Wallace and Claire Daly fought that we all got to see the back of Alan Shatter et al.

          1. Eds

            Well said.

            Love or hate Wallace he’s worth a lot more than most of the FF / FG / Lab muppets.

            He was instrumental in the whistleblower revelations fair play to him.

        2. Skeptical O'Hare

          That is one crazy interpretation of “right in a sense”. Anyway Mick Wallace, along with others, raised issues about the Siteserv sale in the Dáil before Catherine Murphy. In fact Pearse Doherty was the first to question the deal. In fairness to Catherine Murphy she has brought it to a whole new level.

        3. Bren

          Some thing Minister O’Reilly narrowly avoided too. No doubt with a little help from some friends

  3. Brian Hession

    So, FG/Labour have essentially allowed HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of our money be given to their friends while child poverty and homelessness has more than tripled and the health service has been described as being worse than that of some Third World countries. The citizens have been taxed into penury and they are threatening us with taking money directly from our wages to fund this bullshit. Enough.

    1. gallantman

      He takes money from the public purse, gives it to Trappatoni and is hailed a hero by the public. Genius!

      1. Le Roi de les Rats

        Bullet to your tiny head. Kapchwoo…!!!
        Dammit, I missed.
        No blood spilt.
        Just carry on and say three Hail Marys.

    2. Hugh O'Rourke

      Your point about Children in Poverty resonates with me. If you are organizing a protest lt me know

    3. ethereal_myst

      Yes, but don’t worry…the economy is improving and it’s all thanks to Enda. The children and the homeless will be fine with their sleeping bags and crumbs, and as for the working poor…well they should just be glad to be in a job, so glad in fact they should be asking to hand over more of their wages to help the Enda further improve the economy

  4. Frilly Keane, Creative

    There is clearly
    And without doubt
    A Familiarity Risk

    Which should be acted upon immediately

    KPMG and Kieran Wallace need to remove themselves from all IBRC, SiteServe and Denis O’Brien Activities

    Fee Dominance and Influence are other risks that may also need scrutiny and testing

    1. Hugh O'Rourke

      The obvious conflicts are only the beginning. Bank auditors are still legally empowered to sign offf fictitious balance sheets. We need 24/7 protest outside Leinster House.

      1. Frilly Keane, Creative

        I’d be on for that
        No problem

        Out Out Out

        Sur that’s all the go down there lately

  5. ahjayzis

    Government would wanna watch themselves. L̶a̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶R̶o̶s̶l̶i̶n̶ ̶T̶D̶ Catherine’s COMING FOR ALL OF YOUUUUU!

    loooooooove HERRRRR.

    1. Frilly Keane, Creative

      Preaching to the choir at this stage

      How da’ûck CAB aren’t in and done on this scam is beyond me

    1. Hugh O'Rourke

      I think before he goes we should get the information and fair payment out of him

  6. Frilly Keane, Creative

    D’ya know wha’
    I’m beginning ta’ think KPMG should be thrown out of Ireland

  7. Shielmartin

    Well, be prepared, the lawyers are on the case. The Journal removed its report. Philip Boucher Hayes tweeted that Drivetime would be covering the speech, but that tweet has now disappeared.

    1. Fidelma Frewen

      And guess what it’s been taken down from the oireachtus website this is in the public interest we have a right to know about these shady deals shame on the media for allowing themselves to be threatened by Denis O Brien we are been governed by the rich for the rich wake up Ireland

  8. Anne

    Jaazus, but DOB is some bully… These sorts of arrangements, that we, the taxpayer picked up the tab for, need to be made public.

    Good woman Catherine Murphy. They must be getting more and more disappointed she won’t drop this.

    1. Hugh O'Rourke

      We need to find a means to give her support. I have written to Michael Noonan asking when will he reform the KPMG investigation

    1. Paul Lane

      The Judge was only appointed to the High Court by Fine Gael last October and get this he has no experience at being a Judge as he was previously only a solicitor, specialising in property….WOW MADNESS

      1. Lilly

        True. Clonmel solicitor Donald Binchy appointed to High Court November last. Unheard of for a solicitor to be appointed to the High Court – usually District or. Circuit but this is the first time I’ve heard of solicitor getting High Court appointment.

  9. Squiggleyjoop

    Catherine Murphy is the TD that’s making me believe we can beat this nonsense.

  10. Peter Dempsey

    I’d say that’s the margin not the exact rate. i.e. the Cost of Funds plus 1.25%

    Such margins were common in the good times – for large commercial loans.

    1. Pad

      Please stop making rational comments, this is Broadsheet and there is a villain to slay!

      Other interesting questions, if people want to be rational, may include:

      – is it a facility or a fully drawn down loan?
      – was the loan/facility arranged pre-nationalisation?
      – margin v interest rate, as noted above?
      – facility / arrangement fee levels? These can be huge for big loans and the bank get it upfront.

      Depending on the above it is quite possible that there is litte to see here. Wealthy guy arranges good rates with stupid bank, hardly a shocker!?

      1. manolo

        “was the loan/facility arranged pre-nationalisation?”

        Wallace is the liquidator of the IBRC. The liquidation process started long after the nationalisation and if I remember well he was not involved with Anglo earlier. As such, Wallace would be handling government money.

      2. Lilly

        Stop trying to muddy the waters you lackey. As you are fully aware, these were fully drawn down funds.

      3. Hugh O'Rourke

        The laws are to be seen. All written for a particular class in our society and all administered by the same little class. Time for less emphasis on legality and a real focus on justice

        1. manolo

          As I see it, the problem is that the big firms have better lawyers that the law makers. As long as that continues, people will continue to find ways of doing things that should be illegal look barely legal.

      4. Anne

        ” was the loan/facility arranged pre-nationalisation?”

        CM –
        “If deals were being done without the knowledge or input of the minister then we need to know what they were. We are now aware for example that the former CEO of IBRC made verbal agreements with Denis O’Brien to allow him to extend the terms of his already expired loans.

        We also know that the verbal agreement was never escalated to the credit committee for approval..”

        Of course, it mightn’t be unlikely those miniscule rates were arranged pre-nationalisation, such was the shenanigans within Anglo, but why should they be continued, at the tax payer’s expense?

        But either way, Denis thinks it’s all none of our business.. he might have a point if we didn’t pump 40 billion into it. WRONG.

    2. Frilly Keane, Creative

      No they were weren’t

      Cost + 1.5 would’ve been seen inter bank or between subsidiaries
      Or similar connected entities
      But not externally
      To the market place

      Unless there was a bitta blaggarding going on
      O’Backhander style

      1. Handy

        That is horse manure.
        Sure trackers were priced as low as 80bps.
        Semi States were getting funding in the single digit bps. Really well spent I’m sure everyone will agree!
        Interbank rates were cost FGS!

        1. Frilly Keane, Creative

          Give over
          Those numbers weren’t available to the public at large

  11. Sam

    [Redacted] can go and fupp himself with steel wool on a stick. A bit of sunlight on his dealings is exactly what is needed.

    Fair play for Broadsheet for telling them where to go.

  12. Daveod

    Fair play Broadsheet. Another spineless performance from RTE, Irish Times & [REDACTED]’s comic.

  13. phil

    If you need to put a fund together for a legal defence, Ill contribute happily…
    Ill put up equal to what IW wants me to pay, you can have it instead of them..

    1. Tony

      Legal defence against what? You can’t censor what is said in the Dail no matter how much money or influence you have.

  14. manolo

    So these lawyers suggest that a public speech of a public representative on the record in the Dail can be censored in spite of its publication being constitutionally protected? And all this to stop the public from questioning whether some people who were being extremely well paid to represent the public interest did act ethically and legally or not.

    This is the most serious attack on our freedom that I have ever seen.

    1. manolo

      Just in case [REDACTED] succeeds, wouldn’t it be nice if at that stage people had already copied this article in full and posted it on their social media?

  15. bill gleeson

    well done on publishing, and well done on standing up for your constitutional rights. Care to tell us which firm of solicitors cannot grasp a basic tenet of law?

    But a far bigger well done to Catherine Murphy, who has more backbone that the rest of the Oireachtas put together.

  16. Tommy Hattifnatt

    They can remove this post as much as they want now since it’s now well and truly planted in the public room!

  17. Nikki Jordan

    Absolutely every politician in thete should work lile this gor the people. Absolute Total Respect to Catherine
    You are a credit to the people who voted for you…. Well done hats off to you

  18. Father Dick Mayo

    Well done Deputy Murphy, it is rare I would credit any TD with real courage but this is above the call of duty.
    One can only imagine what is going on in DO’B legal and PR Boiler rooms right now.
    Good luck to her and anyone else who faces down bullies.

    I advise anyone who can to look at whatever is publicly available in terms of accounts and particularly borrowings for Digicel (Not a lot admittedly)
    Maybe I am missing something but one wonders if this company is as successful as certain media outlets would lead us to believe?
    Interestingly I see senior debt borrowings in Digicel maturing in 2017 was at a coupon of 8.25%!!!!

  19. Grainne

    Well done broadsheet on your stance. Thank you for supporting truth and honesty. We are expected to pay property tax to pay off the debts of banks and their customers that include DOB who failed to repay his loans and looked for extensions at a rate that so many would love to have.

  20. Truth in the News

    Catherine Murphy has done the Nation a Service and are there a large
    group of public repsentatives afraid of Dennis O’Brien, and his control
    of the media, its time that no more than FIFA, that certain matters pertaining
    to financial dealings of IBRC are made public and the subject of forensic
    asscessment, to establish if there is the basis for a CAB investigation.
    The actions of RTE this evening are spineless, they are not precluded from
    publishing the proceedings of the Oireachtas and all they have to do is
    post the link to Dail record, it just shows whats going on in this so called
    Republic…..this all relates to Public Money, the Peoples, this needs to be
    tacked head on, Tony O’Reilly ruled the roost for long enough, we need to
    deal with the new Cockrel at once.

    1. Buzz

      RTE, some public broadcasting service. They deserve to lose the licence fee we are all forced to pay.

      1. Alastair

        What do you want from them? They’ve fought the injunction in court and lost. Luckily, the stable door is open regardless, and the publicity the injunction garnered just makes DOB’s deal all the more public.

  21. Buzz

    Congratulations Broadsheet. Congratulations Catherine Murphy. You have stood up to a sinister individual. I am sending this article to everyone I know.

  22. barry

    The arrogant tax exile may have an injunction against Rte, but he cant bully the whole wide world. Share share everywhere!

    1. Joe the Lion

      Thank you Buzz I note they did not have the balls to publish the actual comments of Murphy

      Well done broadsheet

      1. Buzz

        Yes, I’ve noticed whenever The Irish Times rolls out Cliff Taylor, you can be guaranteed a watery piece of journalism. Atrocious headline as well: ‘Catherine Murphy makes Denis O’Brien claims in Dáil.’

        1. neil

          To be fair, they did link to the record of the statement on the Oireachtas website.

          They very rarely link outside their own site.

          1. neil

            My mistake, they actually didn’t, it was just their auto-generated ‘link to other articles featuring this person/company/topic’ thing.

          2. ReproBertie

            But in the article they do say the remarks are available on the oireachtas site which is a sneaky way of dealing with the injunction.

  23. Jamie

    Hopefully it won’t reach the stage of proceedings, but if it does I’d also be happy to contribute to any legal fund. This is a very important point being made by broadsheet and Catherine Murphy. One that goes to the very root of what it means to be a democracy.

  24. Sam

    I’m guessing that tomorrow’s ‘Limerick A Day’ will be on this topic, but I’ll be travelling all day, so I’d like to get my comment in early…

    All hail the almight [REDACTED]
    And the lawyer’s that he has contracted
    So ti stifle debate
    on his low interest rate
    and other deals he has enacted. !

    If he scares them to toeing the line
    Then Denis will be on cloud nine
    RTEejits will cower
    And the rest of that shower,
    But broadsheet is steeling its spine!

    1. Joe the Lion

      I, Wankstain O’Brien declare
      There’s nothing to see over there
      If the plebes read real news
      They might form their own views
      And I wouldn’t be able to scare

  25. ahjayzis

    If this plutocrat is permitted by the courts to censor straight reporting of speeches in our parliament we may as well shut up shop.

    If that happens and the government doesnt immediately legislate then our Banana Republic becomes real and provable.

    1. Frilly Keane, Creative

      If he thinks he can direct what gets recorded into our Oireachteas records …..

      Ah here
      His lawyers are taking the piss outta him

      Like I noted below
      Some lovely billable hours building up

  26. Frilly Keane, Creative

    Colleran (in for Vincent, and doing a better job of it btw) has just said they’re not allowed say an’ting either

    ‘Some serious billable hours being clocked up over this

    Wouldn’t mind a few of’em meself

  27. DryWeaveTopSheet

    Great work Broadsheet. If there’s anything we can do to support, let us know.

  28. Joe Bloggs

    Catherine Murphy you Saint! Outstanding work, and refused to be silenced!
    Can I make one point (without being destroyed), lately I listened to podcasts of the greatest speeches ever made….Churchill, Malcom X, Kennedy etc…and after seeing the turnout and magical result in last weeks referendum I wonder why this (coming home to vote, young people canvassing etc) can’t be replicated when picking out next government…..is Lucinda Creighton and Renua the best we can come up with apart from the old boys club??!

  29. kiora

    Mr O’Brien’s legal representation is shameless, a dangerous direction they have taken… trying to restrict speeches or comments coming from the Dail by public representatives they seem to have no regard for the law, government or public. I wonder when they go home tonight and look in the mirror or at their families how they will feel as citizens of this country.
    People with no integrity becoming social predators, with only one priority lining ones pocket, its truly disgusting in every sense, and completely inexcusable regardless of what legal or political games the are playing , they are playing with peoples lives and with the countries most precious resource.
    spineless, empty, self-serving, gross, cheap shower of ……….

  30. martco

    anyone on here good at printing large numbers of t-shirts?

    was thinking BS could hold an art competition first and then the winning graphic gets funded printed and worn by the readers here who give a shit about their country next Friday evening when out for a couple of pints

    I was thinking of my entry just there….would be along the lines of that nice oft used picture of DOB with the balloon and “get out of my country you absolute f**king traitor” written underneath….keeping it simple and to the point like

    1. Frilly Keane

      Love it!

      If I was arty at all
      I’d rework that “Tape Worm” one from the Guardian’s side

      1. Frilly Keane

        Here Micky Flavin
        Your Up

        I nominate Mr Clickbait Micky Fla for the gig

        Any seconder?

  31. 8den

    I have enormous respect for broadsheet for a courageous stance. Showing more balls than most of our national media institutions.

    There is no genuine free press in this country.

  32. martco

    well there you have it
    this story is nowhere this morning, I can’t find one radio station covering this
    not one
    does the grand mason own it all now???

  33. bisted

    …RTE just did a report on this …the bottom line is that they couldn’t respond for fear of contempt of court on the back of a previous ruling.
    They mentioned one web based media site that were citing constitutional protection for their printing Dail record…well done Broadsheet…RTE expects to see you down the courts this morning…good luck.

  34. boberto

    Scary to see an individual think they can gag our national parliment. Well done broadsheet on reporting this, dont let them grind ye down

  35. Truth in the News

    RTE Radio 1 have this Morning carried an interview with their Legal Affairs
    Cor at 7.48 am, they mentioned that Catherine Muphy’s contribution was published on a media website but omitted to mention who, in other words RTE are into censorship too…. The haven’t the guts to say its “Broadsheet”, Then they say, there are a Public Service,. at this stage the Oireachtas need now to take action to vindicate their constitunal right to publish their proceedings and take action against anyone who attempts to infringe that right, and that includes decisions of the High Court

    1. martco

      yes I caught this….the equivalent of burying a story on page 8

      and even at that so little was said it was little more than a nod of defiance

      thanks BS for not taking this post down so far

      Question: why is nobody challenging this court ruling?? Court decisions are challenged all the time, why not this?

  36. serveandreturn

    Big respect to Catherine Murphy, what a parliamentarian. Honourable mention to you Broadsheet for covering this from the early days.

  37. Frilly Keane, Creative

    Sum’ting from the Landside of Frilly

    It occurred to me that maybe KPMG in the main, and who we know as Special Liquidator ( like wtf is that about anyway) Kieran Wallace could well be separate entities. Entirely.

    Perhaps Broadsheet and LCD can test this. But. I think that the larger firms like KPMG, Deloittes, PrickWC, EY, GrabWhatEversGoing Thorntons, etc, isolate themselves for liability purposes from their Insolvency Departments, and are legally and deliberately fenced off from the rest of the firm.

    Additionally, I also think that the Insolvency Partners have to indemnify their colleagues in Audit Tax Compliance n Shit from any liability they may be exposed to via the lads in Insolvency.

    So. If I’m even warm.
    And in the direction of the truth….

    I reckon Special Liquidator Kieran Wallace is about to be thrown from the bus….

    And so is his department

    1. Joe the Lion

      Quite possible. But really they would do anything they could to avoid this as it damages the reputation of the firm.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I dunno
        But there is precedence

        They went to bed as Arthur Andersons
        Woke up
        And they were Accenture

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          That’s not exactly true. Andersen Consulting split off from Arthur Andersen in a management buyout and formed Accenture a year before the Enron scandal.

    2. nige

      from a look at the CRO website the insolvency business doesn’t appear to be in a separate legal entity.

  38. Don Pidgeoni

    Being reported in the guardian and with a link to here in the comments. It’s the big time lads!!

  39. Buzz

    Here’s a link to the Guardian piece. Pity Greenslade didn’t mention that Broadsheet is covering it. gu.com/p/49aze/stw

  40. Buzz

    I sent this story to my granny (printed it out for her) – she still reads the Indo, god love her – she is spitting fire. Pass this on to everyone you know in the country who might not read it online. RTE is not doing its job, public interest broadcasting, so let’s do it ourselves. !916 didn’t happen so that Denis O’Brien and his FG cronies could thieve the country from under our noses.

  41. Buzz

    I like this comment on the Guardian:

    ‘In any other country, if a billionaire successfully silenced the news media and the parliament, that would be called a coup.’

      1. Frilly Keane

        Or maybe its just started

        .. Its time to put on music
        .. Its time to get the lights
        .. Its time to get things started
        .. On da’Muppet show T’night

    1. Conor

      Wow, I can’t believe they even pulled the comments from The Graudian, would the injunction really cover a media outlet in a foreign country?

      1. Lilly

        Nah, I’d say they just didn’t want the trouble of moderating them. Even the Guardian has been affected by staff cuts, resources are tight.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            As I am not in charge of the Guardian comments section, I don’t know. Call them up and ask

          2. Lilly

            As I said, it soon became apparent they had a hot potatoe on their hands and they didn’t want the hassle of moderating. Pity.

    2. bakuninslittlehelper

      To Lily. It has indeed – the number of comments has stood at 22 for hours. Christ, he has managed to intimidate even them. Go for it Broadsheet!

  42. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Well done BS.

    Now, where is the pressure being applied to the Government? They need to feel the pressure to act, the threat to their re-election chances (I know Labour are already in trouble).

  43. DF

    Well done broadsheet. Keep up the good work. Denis is being exposed to many who have no interest in this sort of thing. His protests have backfired spectacularly.

    1. Lilly

      It’s up to us the citizens now to share this with those more used to MSM. I’ve printed and posted it to an uncle who is a FG apologist.

      1. Anne

        I’m gonna repost the text on facebook.. Not just a link from here.

        Go fck yourself DOB, arrogant *****

        1. Anne

          I also have friends with over 1000 friends on facebook..
          I’ll be asking them to repost.

          Did I say he can go fck himself.

          Since when is publishing what’s been said in the Dail not allowed in this country?
          Might be ok in the Carribean ya *****, not here. His arrogance will be his downfall.

  44. PJ Nally

    Just heard DOB’s spin bowler on SOR, really weak if I say so myself, best he could do was throw some legacy poo FF’s way, seems like he has been coaching the front bench as a ‘foxer’ this last few years.Very gracious of RTE to give him such airtime considering the injunction.

  45. IBRC victim

    With people like Catherine Murphy the bully boys of Ireland’s Bathetic Rip-off Company(IBRC) can be defeated.
    Thank you Broadsheet – You have my support whenever needed.

  46. Mister Mister

    Well done Broadsheet, great to see this still up after the likes of RTE and other ‘mainstream’ media have pulled all traces of this.

  47. Lilly

    O’Brien lawyers in court right now trying to force Broadsheet to take this article down. Good luck Broadsheet!

    1. Anne

      Seriously? So now he doesn’t want what’s being said in the Dail being published on websites?

      That’s some arrogance..

    2. Lilly

      Seems no amount of money could get him a snap hearing, that’s bank holiday weekends for ya :)

  48. Jim

    Well done broadsheet!
    We need more people like you and Catherine Murphy fighting this for us.

  49. bakuninslittlehelper

    You are a beacon of light and hope.
    Hang in there because O’Brien is in the bunker at this stage.

    1. martco

      …and now it’s made the NY Times :)

      well done redacted, have you (via your spokesman) got enough rope yet??

  50. mon man

    its the same thieving business people robbing our country all the time, they just use a different set of politicians

  51. italia'90

    Just wanted to extend my thanks and support to
    the magnificent team at Broadsheet and to it’s
    kaleidoscope of commenters and contributors.

    I’ve written a strongly worded letter addressed to:

    Michael Noonan
    Minister of Finance
    O’Brien House
    O’Brien Street
    O’Brien 2

  52. Fergus the magic postman

    I’d just like to show my support to Broadsheet here. Well done, & thank you BS. You are to be commended for refusing to buckle under pressure from that hard necked filthy rich bully.

  53. Ben Bulben

    Shane Ross captured it perfectly when writing about John Hurley last weekend “John Hurley has done the State no Service. The State has served John Hurley.”

    Between cheap mobile phone licences, emigrating before paying taxes on profits from a State owned asset and now this, the same can be said about Denis O’Brien – he has done the State no service. The State has served Denis O’Brien.

  54. Vinny

    I know lot of others have said it, but it’s worth repeating,
    Well done Broadsheet.
    We need you and your ilk!

  55. Colin

    My first time on broadsheet.ie. I will be spending alot more time on your site. Congratulations on your stance against DOB. We need more brave journalism to rid the country of the layer of parasites destroying our fantastic country – present and future.Catherine Murphy take a bow – you are restoring my faith in politics – you are making me believe that one person can make a difference.

  56. rugbylane

    Just been blocked by the Journal. App duly deleted and I wont darken their door again. Well done the Broadsheet.

    1. Ben Bulben

      Hi Rugbylane, for those of us new to the likes of Broadsheet and The Journal, why did The Journal block you? Do they have a pro-O’Brien bias or are they just a bunch of yellow-livered scaredy-cats?

  57. dereviled

    thejournal have a whataboutery quiz up at the moment and an hilarious poll on a general election-
    a) No GE, nothing will change
    b) Yes GE, but nothing will change
    c) Doesn’t matter, I don’t vote FLabG.
    d) Don’t know

  58. garland green

    when you stand up to a bully they round up more bullies to help them. alan dukes should be ashamed of himself for calling Catherine Murphy a liar . just another dob lackey

  59. Zapatista

    Just deleted The Journal from my bookmarks and replaced it with BS.

    Nuff said..

  60. martco

    IT has just placed a “legal letter” signed by [redacted] to Catherine Murphy online

    “…..I reserve my right to take such steps to vindicate my rights against you as I may be advised.”

    ooooooh Denis we’re all so scared of you

    1. Lilly

      She hasn’t even received the letter yet it’s all over the media. So that’s his idea of a press release. Gobsh*te.

    2. Anne

      “I reserve my right to take such steps to vindicate my rights against you as I may be advised.”

      What the fupp?
      I once heard a billionaire speak using that sort of illiterate language as well.
      It’d give ya a headache.

  61. Truth in the News

    RTE Radio 1, one O’Clock News had Micheal Martin tackling James Morrisey
    head on with Richard Crowley as the referee, it must rank as the best piece of classic Radio for years, while Micheal Martin might have had a bad week, he certainly had good day today….finally they are waking up.
    A transcription and Audio file needs to be put up on Broadsheet as you have
    gone vrial internationally

    1. Kdoc

      It was great radio. I think Morrissey’s needs to moderate his tone and approach; he came across as a bit too belligerent for a PR man. If I was Redacted I’d be seeking a new spokesman/woman, though it’s difficult to defend the indefensible.

      1. Lilly

        I know several people who could help him out but they wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole, notwithstanding the fat fees likely up for grabs.

  62. Truth in the News

    Try RTE link for Martin V Morrisey debate
    and Catherine Murphy TD interview.

  63. Richard Fallon

    All comments have been blocked by Journal , very disappointing , I am now cancelling my account .
    this is obviously the result of brown envelope influence by a foreign businessman , but wlil backfire very shortly.

    1. Basil Miller

      Journal owned by same crew as Daft and Boards.ie.
      Boards hyper allergic to libel. 30 years a journo, and while a sub at Irish Times saved them more in damages and fees than they ever paid me, so I know the practicalities of libel law.
      Thrown off Boards multiple occasions — “potentially libellous post” — but believe me I know how to write what I want without crossing that line.
      Same irrational fear at the Journal. Not making excuses, mind, I think it’s a dreadful outlet. But beyond that, it is Planet Fear.
      And yet again an example of the chilling effect of Ireland’s draconian libel laws.

  64. Basil Miller

    Respect! Thanks for having the balls to tell [REDACTED]’s lawyers to shove it up [REDACTED]’s [REDACTED].
    Pity the mainstream media didn’t have the guts to uphold the Constitution and do the same.
    This land is a plutocracy now, run by bought and paid for puppets who claim to represent US. But the only ones they truly answer to are the crooked, corrupt plutocrats such as [REDACTED].

  65. bakuninslittlehelper

    I’ve just seen your response to Fry (redacted’s solicitors). If there was such a thing as a Congressional Medal of Honour in this benighted land, it should be awarded to you.
    You have succeeded in succinctly illustrating the entire imbroglio.
    You have in one line – “Fair enough, do you have a copy of the injunction?” – exposed the entire merry-go-round.
    These people, the solicitors and their demented employer, have the effrontery to threaten you with something they don’t even have themselves.
    I always thought it was only the Brits who could write farce.

Comments are closed.

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