Bruces and Sheilas Unite



Robfromduiblin writes:

The fallout from the referendum continues apace. Some of Australia’s biggest and most iconic companies have taken out a full page ad in The Australian (the country’s somewhat right-wing paper of record). Also, [Chistine Forster] the sister of the conservative & religious prime minister believes that gay marriage will be legal by the end of the year and the leader of the opposition has been calling for a vote in parliament. This is a direct result of Ireland’s vote. Well done to everyone at home!

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17 thoughts on “Bruces and Sheilas Unite

    1. Jonathan

      Because it’s all over the media in Australia now since the yes result. Previously it was not talked about much. Tony Abbot is facing daily questions about it from the press and his own sister is challenging him publicly on the issue. So it’s safe to say it’s a fallout.

      1. ahyeah

        Thing is, Jonathan, ‘fallout’ means the adverse result of something – so describing it as a fallout means you regard it as being negative, which might mean you’re homophobic.

          1. Clampers Outside!


            …’fallout’ / ‘upshot’ ..whatever.

            But seeing as it was brought up, ‘fallout’ is very appropriate.
            What is meant is they’re / Abbot & Co. are not being allowed kick it down the road. So yeah, the ‘negative’ is in being forced into addressing the question.

            ‘Fallout’ is perfectly acceptable.

  1. Jonathan

    Fantastic that Ireland is leading the way on this. Australia, particularly west Australia, (the most important state economically) is now looking quite conservative and behind the times.

  2. donkey_kong

    forgive me i thought Ireland was a backward shithole…all the fellas and ladies who moved to Australia marvel at it’s cosmopolitan life and sneer as us fools in the old country.
    Say it ain’t so broadsheet

    whats is going on?

    1. Rob_G

      Maybe you just need nicer friends?

      (Though maybe I can also see why they wanted to move as far away as Australia…)

      1. Nially

        “Nah, don’t follow us Donkey Kong, you’d hate it here, gay and Cosmopolitans as far as the eye can see. You just stay far, far away.”

    1. Formerly known as

      Tell me more about the xenophobia and racism. I know it exists but I am curious as to how bad you believe it to be.

  3. Clamp Victim

    Won’t somebody think of the Iona Institute, and what they would think about all of these private companies interfering in something like this?

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