8 thoughts on “Defiant Balance

  1. Someone

    I used to have those green ones, minus the union jack on the tongue.

    Always been a fan of New Balance shoes, very stylish and comfortable.

    1. John E. Bravo

      Watch out for the ones with the mesh uppers, though – the breeze cuts through them and you may as well be wearing sandals.

      1. Someone

        And the cloth ones will turn mouldy if left in the boot of the car for a few weeks.

    2. Domestos

      Same here. They’re seen as Dad-trainers over in the states. Which is not where we live, so carry on.

    3. Mikeyfex

      I never liked the N but they’re always comfy and good quality. Runners and footie boots alike.

    4. ThePeoplesHero

      The Union flag indicates they were made in the UK. Those sporting the Stars and Stripes are made in the good old USA. Used to be made in Kerry when I was a chizler….

  2. Niallo

    Looked awful in the eighties, havent improved much since, nope ?
    Picture them being worn with a grey suit white shirt and no tie, a look i like to call “the defendant”

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