9 thoughts on “Is Radio Still Cool?

  1. Eh

    No, In the age of Spotify and youtube Young people don’t care about radio, most stations only survive because they’re mates in the ad agencies manage to convince their clients otherwise

  2. manolo

    It is impossible to listen to the news on the radio with kids in the car. Rape, murder, child sexual abuse, bodies found, it is just horrible stuff to which adults have been desensitised.

    1. SOMK

      Remember the school around the corner hosted by Gerry Ryan? They’d ask children their opinions and because children’s brain aren’t fully formed and have evolved cuteness to compensate, they sometimes say things which an adult brain ‘might’ find amusing, so why don’t they show repeats of that on RTE forever, I can’t imagine how it ever got stale, what a fresh format!

      Plus you don’t have to actually write anything, think up any ideas, or try and foster some kind of general understanding of anything, just find something older than a child and ask the child’s opinion of it (also works if you take someone older and ask their opinion about something that is new, though old people aren’t cute, so probably won’t get much youtube view unless you crowbar something ‘inspiring’ in there ie “Beryl hasn’t eaten pasta since she went on holiday with Hitler…”), for example…

      “What do Irish kids think about the invention of the wheel, are wheels still cool?”
      “What do Irish kids think of tramps, are tramps still cool?”
      “What do Irish kids think about parliamentary democracy, is parliamentary democracy still cool?”
      “What do Irish kids think about pasta, is pasta still cool?”
      “What do Irish kids think about space/time, is space/time still cool?”

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