Down All The Days


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Hybrid Child writes:

“This is what’s left of Windmill Lane. All the graffiti walls on one side are gone with the other soon to follow. Another piece of the city’s cultural history destroyed to make way for more empty offices.”

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21 thoughts on “Down All The Days

  1. dylad

    I heard the consumer confidence index is up again, so shouldn’t you be happy for a change.

  2. Gus Sheridan

    Sad to see how Dublin has been destroyed with inappropriate development,wonder how many brown envelopes have been involved?

  3. Cian

    Not many “empty offices” in the docklands. Don’t let the empty retail units (required by planners) on the ground floors make you think the other floors are empty too.

    1. Nikkeboentje

      Yes, the office vacancy level in Dublin is very low, especially for Grade A office space.

      1. jojo

        Office space is in short supply, and the developer can’t let out the ground floor to anything but retail as stipulated in the planning. The ground units remain empty because theres only so many artisan supermarkets that can be supported by the population. despite the demand for office space being high

  4. Mister Mister

    The place was an eyesore in fairness, and this is from someone who was once a big U2 fan and worked around the road from it for years.

  5. Just sayin'

    Cultural history?! I lived there for a few years. If a few lads in a Honda Civic with their car stereo blaring while they paint a TUPAC memorial is part of our cultural history then we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

    I’m glad a neglected eye sore is gone and I won’t have to breathe in spray paint fumes when I pop out for a pint of milk.

  6. Mr. T.

    We’d have to wait for Bono to be dead before we can persevere loads of sentimental rubbish written by Italians.

  7. ironcorona

    I can’t believe the cheek on those medieval philistines who knocked down all those wattle and daub settlements.

    Nothing that’s old should ever be replaced.

  8. Colm

    Whomever sent this in clearly knows nothing about this site, or this project.

    The Windmill Lane Studios site has been abandoned for years and is nothing more than a graffiti hotspot. There was a plaque on the side of the building saying ‘the rock n roll stroll’ with a sentence about Windmill Lane. Apart from that, just graffiti. And though many of the graffiti pieces were fantastic, they were quickly ruined by rapscallions who feel the need to deface everything in the area with ‘tags.’

    The development is being built by a company called Hiberia Reit PLC, who are to retain ownership of the new build. They own other blocks on Windmill Lane, that were recently finished, and not left empty. They have met with locals to discuss these plans and have shown renditions of the finished build and renovation to the street of windmill lane. 15 new apartments, and office space. Retail units, and a facelift with cobblestones on Windmill Lane to include new street lighting. With the protected building preserved as you can see in the photo above.

    1. Colm

      Because they don’t want to encourage vandalism in the area? Taggers spray on windows, and non-designated walls all the time.

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