Meanwhile, In Denmark


They see them pollin’.

They hatin’.

Laura, of Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Club, writes:

Just some of the photos the girls took of Danish General Election posters. It should be noted that all the candidates are ridiculously good looking and young, not one TD type between them…

Thanks Laura

The Guardian: Danish cowboy bares all in bid to be prime minister

55 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Denmark

  1. Vote Rep #1

    I am somewhat glad that our potential male TD’s don’t feel the need to get their lads out on every lamp post.

  2. Zarathustra

    I’d say many of those posters will be adorning the walls of private citizens’ bedrooms, long before polling day comes around.

  3. ahjayzis

    Isn’t it well for them.

    But tell me this and tell me no more – aren’t our roads lovelier though all the same? And I’d say it’s murder trying to get the back field rezoned.

  4. bazza

    Any pics of the female candidates, or would that mean the “the girls” from Amsterdam Gaelic Club would be put back in their boscas?

    1. Donita Pidgeoni

      Funny how concerned men become about objectification when its only happening to the menz

      1. bazza

        I’m not concerned, but if they want to post pics of all the good looking male candidates who aren’t “TD types”, then in the interests of equality and the likes, I’d like to see pic of the good looking female candidates who aren’t “TD types”, though I can’t imagine Willie O Dea in a holster and cowboy hat!

        1. John Cassidy

          Grrrr and woof! I’d like to see Willy O’Dea just wearing a holster. He’s one hot Daddy.

      2. Paolo

        Funny how unconcerned femz are about objectification when it suits them. Personally, I have no problem with someone who is physically attractive being used in promotion (assuming that person doesn’t object) but I wouldn’t vote for a politician who is campaigning on the “large lad” (or “big bewbs”) platform.

      3. rotide

        We don’t care about the objectification. We’re just wondering if we can look at boobs now.

    2. Domestos

      I don’t know if the leader of the Young Conservatives Nikita Klestrup is running in this election, but she might one day, and on that day you might want to move to Denmark.

  5. donkey_kong

    but can they get a rich saudi a passport while simultaneously filling a pot hole?

    nah – they’re all fur coat no knickers….

      1. Frilly Keane

        Yeah I know
        As good a use of me No. 1 as anything on the ticket around here

  6. Eoghany

    Yea, cos it’s really important that our politicians are young, incredibly good looking, and have amazing teeth.

  7. Frilly Keane

    Mucky Flavin will be demo’ing Ronan Mullen’s Vote No. 1

    As soon as he gets his markers back from the “Frankel wasn’t bred by 2 stallions” lad

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