22 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Ted

    A Marie Stopes customer ends up dying eh? I wonder do they talk about that in the Dublin sales office?

      1. Ted

        Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world in which to give birth. Many Irish maternity hospitals have a Catholic ethos. So they’re doing a very good job don’t you think?

        Did you ever stop to ask yourself how many deaths occur in UK abortion clinics every day?

        One is left wondering what your motivation is for attempting to explain away willful abortion acts.

        The so-called “doctors” who wash up in these places are there for the money (often they can’t get a job anywhere else) and have no self respect for themselves or for their profession.

        There’s no mention of this dead woman’s name or her motivations – rape, incest, lifestyle, etc. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because the relevance of the motivations that abortion procurers (and their enablers) claim tends to zero.

        1. scottser

          You forgot to express sympathy for the poor woman who died. Now you just come across as a heartless bastard like pretty much all who share your beliefs.

        2. Pob

          Even the maternity services in ireland are no longer touting the “one of the safest places to give birth” line, as it just isn’t true.

          1. Ted

            All the evil Catholic church’s fault (as usual). Maybe if the Pope’s children generation got down to business early (instead of traipsing around the world seeking exotic Facebook photos and off to music festivals at 40) there might not be half as many complications. The average age is what? 35? I heard recently we’re the oldest in Europe now? Juat what is going on in New Ireland?

            The church promotes young couples having their families early. Not only is it healthier, you get to put your feet up at 45 and go to as many rock concerts as you like.

  2. Buzz

    Enda ya tool. You had absolutely nothing to say about an outrageous attempt to prevent Parliamentary reporting yet you see fit to comment on FIFA. Bring on the election.

    1. Kieran NYC

      How the hell would he have gotten involved?

      If he’d said anything at all, he’d have been accused of pressuring the judiciary.


      1. Lilly

        He could have welcomed the clarification after it had been delivered, saying it was an important day for democracy and denouncing the attempt to silence media and parliamentarians by a business man deemed corrupt by the Moriarty tribunal. He could have congratulated Catherine Murphy for doing what her constituents elected her to do. But no, instead he went to ground. Guess what, no one cares what he thinks of FIFA. He can FIFA off now thank you.

        1. martco

          as Caroline taught me there yesterday (thanks that was driving me nuts btw) Kenny was wheeled out by his puppeteers for a nice piece of WHATABOUTERY about fifa presumably because dumb luck just wouldn’t serve up a natural disaster or he’s run out of dirt on SF (surprised tho thought they’d just have made something up there)

          look at the birdys etc

          he’s a character straight out of Fr Ted and I too look forward to the imminent GE

          1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

            While I agree, I honestly thinly FG will get back in and he’ll be around for another 4 years. Hardly something to look forward to.

  3. Cluster

    Delaney is a small-minded, small-time politician. Who cares what happens to the game globally so long as he gets control over a few quid now.

    1. scottser

      He’ll end up with a lot of authority in uefa or fifa. Poo just doesn’t stick to him..

  4. ollie

    John Delany calls Blatter corrupt, then admits that he accepted a bribe from him!!!!
    Only Edna Kenny could call Delany’s position “tenable”

  5. D is illusioned

    Is there anyone here who comments in the Journal having problems posting comments there now ?

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