This morning.

Roy Keane on the ‘cash for no questions’ row at the FAI’s training grounds in Malahide, Co Dublin.

Pic via Damian Spellman

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12 thoughts on “Distractions

      1. rugbyfan

        Delaney has stated he has not voted for Sepp Blatter. Can he prove this? If it can be shown that he did then his position is untenable

  1. realPolithicks

    “Roy Keane just asked if john Delaney is a distraction…laughs “isn’t he always!”

    That’s quite a jab, coming from the King of distraction…

  2. Jones

    All Keane is missing from this photo is a racing post under his arm and a Johnny Blue in his hand.

    Bloke at the back looks like he’s found something in his pocket

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