34 thoughts on “What’s He Up To?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      True… but Shane Ross is frank and to the point.

      Shatter is all “look at me” and “look what I did” for 3 whole paragraphs before he gets to his point in two three line paragraphs. His ego/waffle knows no bounds :)

      1. Cluster

        But Shatter (like Gilmore) can actually claim done credit for the referendum taking place. Ross cannot.

        It is right to lambast out pols when they let us down & there isn’t exactly a shortage of opportunities for this. It’s inly right to give some credit when it is due.

  1. Clamp Victim

    They get access to the supplementary register and are working on assumption that if you didn’t vote in last election, you’re opinions are ‘floating’.
    I got one pre-election from Paschal Donohoe urging a Yes vote because I was on supplementary having moved address.

    1. Draxx Ltd II

      It’s a sad world when people feel they have to correct themselves like this on the met because of a pedantic busy body douches.
      Dont wurry abour’ih bud!

  2. Conor

    Received something similar from the Rt. Honourable Prime MInister Cameron before the UK election. Showed it to some American pals and they were convinced it was hand signed by the man itself.

      1. Mani

        No but I hear he rubs each letter on his scrotum (for luck) before putting it in the post.

  3. scottser

    i knew it. he’s recruiting an army to seize power in a coup. as we speak, ross has ordered thousands of uniforms that are brightly coloured, the pants are worn with the @rse hanging out and stuffed into a pair of white socks. mattie mcgrath is quaking in his wellies..

  4. Rob_G

    I’d say you are being a bit over-cautious blacking out the contact details, I imagine they are widely available

    1. serf

      I remember him blathering on about his new political “movement”, which he said would be a “coherent” group of politicians from “across the spectrum” and – most importantly – “no whip”. After that I stopped paying attention.

    2. Cluster

      I suspect you know very little about Ross, ‘cept from fleeting media appearances over the last few years.

  5. Mr. T.

    It’s a campaign by the centre-right to discourage younger people AWAY from ideas of change and hoping they don’t vote for Sinn Fein or other leftist candidates.

    Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour all know that there is likely to be a higher level of support for the left among the new registrants to the voting register.

    They’re paranoid that the old guard is under threat from young people who want to see the old school politics wiped out.

  6. Starina

    But wait a minute…shatter hasn’t been minister for justice in about a year….I’m so confused???

  7. Truth in the News

    Shatters letter head cites him as Minister for Justice, Equality and Defense
    on a letter signed by him dated 29th May 2015, the Dail Committee on Proceedure
    and Privelage need to examine how he still can issue correspondence using this
    letter head and the Dept of Justice and Equality + the Dept of Defense need
    to take action to stop their functions being ursurped….he resigned over a
    year ago and no longer holds a Seal of Office as Minister to administer any
    of the Depts listed…..If Mary Lou did this there be uproar.

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