De Tuesday Papers


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MORE to folly

Thanks Colin McGann (The Clare People); Tanya O’Neill (The Westmeath Examiner and The Connaught Telegraph); Paul Murphy (Irish Sun): Colm Heaney (Irish Mirror) and Nick Sutton (UK covers)

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15 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. John

    Cuts to rape organisations? Seems there’s so much rape these days that there just isn’t enough money to be divvied up anymore. Every time they get topped up, rape seems to go up (usually by reclassifying arse-pinching as “rape”. Or how about: “Hello Garda, I want to report a rape from last Saturday night” [Thursday morning]. “I only had 8 vodka red bulls. I remember chatting to him outside the nightclub and I think he had red hair”. [Insert state funded rape organisation of choice] “said I should come here and ask for the CCTV footage”).

    Maybe we should have a go at reducing rape eh?

    1. Mysterymeat

      Maybe you should have a go at engaging your brain before using a keyboard. What a horrible person you must be.

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