A Deliberate Denial Of Care


“Ireland should change the law to allow women and girls access to safe, legal abortions. Pregnant women and girls risk putting their health and lives in danger if they remain in Ireland, Amnesty International said today in a report on the country’s abortion law.”

“The report She is not a criminal: The Impact of Ireland’s abortion law documents shocking cases of Irish authorities denying women and girls necessary healthcare in order to prioritize the life of the foetus – which is protected by an amendment to Ireland’s constitution added in 1983.

Only allowing abortion if the woman’s life is at risk, Ireland’s abortion law is one of the most restrictive in the world, forcing at least 4,000 women and girls to travel outside the country for an abortion every year at considerable mental, financial and physical cost. Women and girls who cannot travel are left without access to necessary health treatment, or risk criminal penalties if they undergo illegal abortions at home.

Read the full report here

Ireland’s abortion laws treat women like criminals (Amnesty International Ireland)

Ireland’s abortion regime ‘violates human rights’, says Amnesty (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

5 thoughts on “A Deliberate Denial Of Care

  1. max

    Another useless report from Chuggers International… I stopped taking them seriously when they declared our prison system to be in breach of basic human rights…

    1. Dubh Linn

      Snory trolling fail. Too obvious. Too short. Not incendiary enough to be anything but boring.

  2. Paolo

    I am pro choice. I believe that abortions should be available
    – to any woman, for any reason (no reason?), up to 16 weeks
    – in cases of rape or other mitigating factors, up to 20 weeks
    – in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, unlimited (based on medical advice)

    I believe that foetuses beyond 20 weeks are living beings and should have some rights.

    I’d be interested in hearing where others stand because many people seem to be Pro-Choice without stating what they mean by that.

    1. Stephanenny

      To be brutally honest I think term limits are rooted in a mistrust of women. If you are against abortions after 20 weeks they’ll be prevented by making abortion access a lot easier, not by legally banning it. Look at the data we have on when women have abortions and why, later term abortions are a direct result of either serious health issues or restricted access to abortion. And as we saw in the states with Gosnell anyone desperate enough to get one at that late stage will get one anyway but just under horrific circumstances. Frankly I feel like it’s a leap of faith we have to take, to have faith in the fact that having a uterus doesn’t make you a person who wakes up at 34 weeks pregnant and has an abortion on a whim. Limits on abortion always ended up failing to prevent abortion but succeeding in persecuting women – look at those who have been arrested in the Americas under foeticide laws for having miscarriages or attempting suicide.

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