Outspanning The Generations



And about 15 drummers.

The Frames.


Emmet O’Brien writes:

I’m a local filmakmaker. Last year you were gracious enough to post my film A Novel Approach to Dating. Myself and a collaborator named Ross Carey, just made this tribute video to the Frames ahead of their 25th anniversary…

Anniversary dates (TheFrames)

6 thoughts on “Outspanning The Generations

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Does Glen Hansard have a massive PR firm? He’s never out of the meeja! Worse than Mammy O’Rourke.

    1. scottser

      i hear he fondles his oscar nightly, just like when ted won the golden cleric award.

  2. arghonaut

    The Frames were finished when Dave Odlum left, much like dEUS and Chris Ward. Those bands were all about their angular guitarists.

  3. Joe the Lion

    I didn’t begrudge Glen his success with Swell Season but I don’t get anything out of the Frames music at all

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