From top: Senator Jillian Van Turnout; Senator Katherine Zappone.; TDs from left, Catherine Murphy, Stephen Donnelly and Roisin Shorthall

Via Irish Independent:

The three TDs are linking up with Senators Katherine Zappone and Jillian van Turnhout, who are both the Taoiseach’s nominees in the Seanad.The new centre-left party is likely to be set up by the end of the month.
The party will lean heavily on centre-left economic policy, social justice campaigning and political reform.



Also a name anyone?

New party to be headed by Murphy, Donnelly and Shortall (Niall O’Connor, Independent.ie)

66 thoughts on “Par-tay

  1. John

    Yipee another left wing alliance!! slightly less left wing than the other left wing alliance or sinn feinn but more left wing than the “only the public sector unions vote for us now” labour. its just what this country needs!!

  2. Conor C

    This sounds promising, better than Lucinda’s party anyway. Catherine Murphy and Stephen Donnelly have a lot of credability.

      1. Nessy

        Or the Renua’s People’s Front

        I doubt they’ll be asking for donations totalling one million euro though

  3. Frilly Keane

    Not a bit’a Tiocfidh t’be seen

    No ta

    Dump the Senators
    n’ye might be onta sum’ting tho

    1. Linbinius

      Boom. Reputable folk otherwise. Great news for political discourse in this country anyway.

    2. Bacchus

      Katherine Zappone has credibility and integrity… I don’t know the other one at all.

      1. linbinius

        Only saw Zappone on a ref debate but looked good. Van Turnhout has an interesting wiki entry

    1. Cian

      Interestingly both of them were against the DL-Labour merger but on different sides, Murphy from the DL side cause it stopped her getting selected (which is why she left in a nutshell) and Shortall on the Labour side

  4. bisted

    ….if Stephen Donnelly is ‘centre left’ then socialist Bertie Ahern may yet make a comeback…

  5. scundered

    Drop the senators (do they have superpowers or what?) and you’ve got yourself a winner there.

  6. Wayne Carr

    I suppose they’ll probably be better than the auld socialists, Sinn “let’s turn Kilmainham Gaol into the Guinness Brewery Part 2” Féin.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      …Oh, and yes, I would vote for this crowd on the strength of Stephen alone. Catherine in their two is just brilliant. The rest… not so much ‘meh’ but a start.

  7. NR

    Its just another useless party. They’ve failed before they’ve begun as they’re working within a system which has utter failed this country. We need ‘direct democracy’, not the same old ‘Representative democracy’ crap.

  8. Barabajaggal

    I would deffo vote for them if any pre election promises which were broken could be punished financially

  9. Serval

    Didn’t Shortall think increasing the price of alcohol was the solution to the problems alcohol causes in society?

  10. Frilly Keane

    Heads Up

    By the Sundays….
    5 ( at least) more NílAonTiocfidh candidates will be looking for cameras to gom inta

  11. Parochial Central

    Zappone is left-wing? One of the worst abusers of the expenses system in the Oireachtas.

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