23 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. Mani

      Typo. Should read. ‘Wrents’- these are wraith like creatures that haunt and stalk the un mortgaged.

    2. McKay

      Well, it’s the Indo-what do you expect? Alarmist rhetoric is their speciality. That and property supplements..

    3. dereviled

      The Irish Independent ‘Rent Report’ today reveals that costs have soared by as much as 30pc in parts of our main cities, but plummeted by 65pc in the regions where there is little or no demand. Only in the three cities of Dublin, Galway and Cork is it more expensive to rent today than in 2010.”
      What the hell is that?
      We were giving out about art students pooing in their hand and drawing with it and this stuff is a bestseller?

      1. dereviled

        Seriously, what is the rate of inflation since 2010? What are the baselines for comparison? How are they spiralling; up, down, around and around?

    1. K

      Neighbouring nation’s newspaper. He’s only gone and bagged himself and honorary knighthood.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Spacey working at the Vic?

          Phil Mitchell: Oi, Spacey! Double whiskey, and ‘arry up wiv it, yea…

          Spacey: Like mah pappy sayud, you cayunt teach a possum…

          Phil Mitchell: Spacey! Wot did I tell you abaht that? No Underwood in the Square!

          Dot: Oh me ‘eart!

          Duhn Duhn duhn duhn duhn dundundundun

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