Blind Cat Bounce



One man.

One mountain.

One visually impaired pet.

Patrick Corr (top) writes:

This is a video about my blind cat Stevie climbing a mountain with me (it was at the Comeraghs in Tipperary). I adopted her from The Cat Hospital in Cork. Hope you enjoy the story :)


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8 thoughts on “Blind Cat Bounce

  1. Digs

    Four things:

    Not a mountain climb, a hill walk.

    This is why digital has ruined film.

    The cat made itself blinde so it didn’t have to look a at those twee and trite titles.

    If you died and it was just you and the cat in the house, the cat would eat you. He doesn’t even like you. He can’t stand the sight of you!

  2. Sweet Tender Hooligan

    Oh don ‘t tell me those feckers in Tipperary have gone and fecked our mountain again!

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