Where Will We Meet?




This afternoon

Former workers and supporters and Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin gather outside Clery’s, O’Connell Street, Dublin for a rally organised by SIPTU to protest against the store’s abrupt closure.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


‘Statutory redundancy only’ for 130 Clerys staff (RTÉ)

Pics via SIPTU, Brian O’DonovanRichard Chambers, Peadar Mac Gaoithín Deirde Farrelly



Free at Noon?


SIPTU calls on public to join rally outside Clery’s (Irish Examiner)

22 thoughts on “Where Will We Meet?

  1. Waffles

    Are we expecting Clerys to give them their jobs back, despite their business not being viable, at all?

  2. Well that's that

    …maybe if Cleary’s and all their staff’s hundreds of years of experience had run a store people wanted to shop in they wouldn’t be in this situation.

    1. ahjayzis

      In fairness going out of business is one thing, being f**ked out the door and told to piss off is another.

      1. Waffles

        Do they want an apology or should Clearys forget this ever happened and try again in a few weeks?

      2. Dongle

        Staff were handed out letters at 5pm and out by 5:30. They were also searched by security on their way out.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Stopped meeting under Clery’s clock once people started having notions about meeting romantic dates UCC and instead I met friends under Eason’s clock, which was far better lit and safer. Pre-mobile phone dayz.

    Clery’s was inevitably going to close. I just just hope that the workers get their statutory redundancy and the concession-holders their stock. Bring on Clery’s Hotel.

  4. Rob_G

    I can understand that the workers feel hard done by, finding out in the manner that they did, but what to SIPTU really expect to achieve? The business was not profitable and it closed; sad for the workers, but not much that you can do.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    WWN have nailed a great headline today;
    ‘Nation Stunned By Closure Of Store They Never Shopped In’.

    1. Mick

      Must have passed by 100’s of times over the years and met friends there a fair few times also but can’t recall ever actually being in the place.

  6. ahjayzis

    ” liquidators tell unions there are no funds to pay redundancies & back pay – all monies owed will have to be claimed from the state”

    D2 Capital just bought it – D2 Capital have a tonne of money – why is the taxpayer paying the redundancy of the staff D2 Capital just ejected?

    1. pissedasanewt

      The state should tell D2 capital that unless they pay redundancy, give concession-holders their stock and money owed to them from the tills that the only thing they will get permission to build there is a homeless shelter.

    2. Waffles

      By law, liquidators cannot cannot prefer its staff to its other creditors.
      The liquidators cannot pay the redundancy to the staff, so the state has to step in.

  7. Kolmo

    The Government seems always unwilling to represent the citizen when being pissed on from a height by international corporate interests, banks, real estate conglomerates, foreign intelligence agencies (data protection), handsomely paid charity executives etc. etc…do they just take everything these powerful people say at face value to save time, or something?

  8. The People's Hero

    Don’t waste your time picketing Clery’s…. Picket the homes and/or offices of the three Natrium Directors…..

  9. doncolleone

    the question is how come this place survived so long? it was tacky, ugly with uncaring staff and that sad little tea room, I doubt anyone but the staff and their relatives shopped there…with Pennies and all the other big shopping malls across the road these guys were really bottom of the barrel. yes, the new owners didn’t bother with tact but in fairness it did not take a genius to work out the jig was up and that being in a union in a private biz is not the same as being in the public sector job for life seats.

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