Having A Glendalaugh


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Bobby Rawanda writes:

“Looking up photos of Glendalough on Tripadvisor and came across this gem…Didn’t realise we could just alter reality at will!”

Day Tours Unplugged Video: Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough Day Tours from Dublin (TripAdvisor)

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9 thoughts on “Having A Glendalaugh

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Yous all ignant or wha!

    That’s the Time Travelling Tower of Morodon, of old Celtic Galicia. No one is sure when it was originally built, but it was captured by international singing sensation of a time, the touring Sean-nós Singers.

    It was said, that their macaronic singing “temporarily froze the tower”. This gave them enough time to dismantle it, put it in thirty three currachs, row her home and put her back together. Brick by brick.

    But the adventure was short lived, as the original sound of that particular group of sean-nós singers could never be reproduced again, as poor Jimmy ‘No Arms’ III was left behind in Morodon due to “a lack of room”, it was said. But many have told another story, that it was out of cruel necessity, because he could’nay row. It was a curse, one his father James ‘No Teef’ and gradfather ‘No Shi!’ endured… but that’s another day.

    A man down, the tower up. It flickered and wavered. The sean-nós group tried to sing, to get the pitch, the tone, but they were missing a limb, like aul Jimmy… and from the ground up, just like in the picture, she faded away, away, away, away, further, away, into another time…… only to be seen briefly, and only ever legitimately recorded never before….. awe inducing….

    I say that photographer was lucky, to capture the first photograph ever recorded, of The Time Travelling Tower of Morodon & The Thirty Three Currachs.

    *side note
    It was from the story of the thirty three currachs that the old blessing “tirty tree and a tird” came from because if they had just, just had, just a little more room Jimmy ‘No Arms’ III could have gotten home too.

    And there ya have it.

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